Fountain of Life (Q&A)


Fountain of Life (FOL) –  Questions & Answers
Below are the list of questions we have gathered and the responses from the FOL Scientists Team.

Question 1:
How are you?  One of my friend is interested in FOL, though he wants to know what are the components/ingredients in it.  Besides Picea Abies extract containing the major lignans, are there anything else we could share?  Cause he wants to talk to his doctor first before using it.  Though typically, do people really need to do that whether they’re on meds or not?  How is it best to handle such objections based on your expertise?
Answer 1:

The other ingredient in FOL is Trimethylene Glycol. It is a simple formulation.  To be certain and specific, FOL contains the lignans hydroxymatairesinol, matairesinol. secoisolariciresorcinol diglucoside, lariciresinol and alpha-conidendrin.

This group of lignans is far more powerful an antioxidant than flaxseed. This should give your doctor a reference.

For people on meds, it is prudent to ensure that taking a powerful antioxidant will not impact the efficacy of their medication. I would also ask the doctor the timing of taking FOL ie should you wait a couple of hours before taking FOL if you are on any medication.

The importance of FOL is simple. This provides a person with the most powerful source of antioxidants from nature. It has all the benefits of the major lignans. If someone doubts the power of lignans, they should look up 7-HMR or SDG studies. The positive news is increasing daily and the efficacy and impact of lignans is rather incredible.

Remember that this is not a panacea and cure all but it will mitigate the impact of free radicals and reactive oxygen species that can create so many problems over time.

Lignans are showing incredible promise in medicine and FOL is just on the cusp of the promise that it holds. However, studies have to be conducted and verified before we can make any claims.

Question 2:

Will this be posted on the website?

Picea Abies extract containing the major lignans
Trimethylene Glycol
lignans hydroxyl

A suggestion if not already in the process of formulation, scientific studies of the FOL, comparison to other antioxidants on the market, including other direct sales companies.  Market America has OPC-3 and their main ingredient is pycnogenol and has a very high concentration of antioxidants.

Another suggestion, as a clinic has a machine Biophotonic Antioxidant Scanner from Nuskin and can test the levels of someones antioxidant level.  This would be useful…”

Answer 2:

FOL contains the following:

Picea abies extract (this contains the major lignans)
Trimethylene glycol

I would not list it as lignans hydroxyl as hydroxyl groups are part of the molecule in some lignans but not all.

We will have studies on lignans on the site. FOL contains the highest quality and complete group of lignans including 7-hydroxymatairesinol, secoisolariciresinol diglucoside and alpha conidendren.

Pycnogenol is a brand name with its extract from the French Pine. FOL has a more powerful, complete group of lignans.

The Biophonic Antioxidant Scanner Scanner is interesting but it is considered a scam. It measure the carotenoid skin levels but there is no evidence that carotenoid skin levels reflect the antioxidant levels within your body. It is a marketing tool from what I understand and is designed to sell antioxidant products.

We are working on providing more information on FERI Flawless which will be seen shortly. This will help you better position the Flawless line. There are so many anti-aging regimens, it will be difficult to really compare, however, we can certainly give the differentiators about Flawless.

Question 3:

I am across this gentlemen who started a health and wellness MLM and claims his antioxidant is better and gave me back the FOL promotion card.
He claims if you google antioxidants, the top ingredients in this product are krill oil and Astaxanthin which are the best source of antioxidants in the world.  Please advise
Answer 3:
I think everyone in nutrition will claim to have a better supplement. But do not despair as FOL has incredible potential that is safe.
People do not realize that Astaxanthin could have side effects. Some are not bad and I understand the mode of action. But remember, Astaxanthin is from krill that gives flamingoes that pink colour. The nutritional people will say that you want a nice pink colour but truthfully, we want to look healthy. I would be concerned about gynacomastia and decreased libido as side effects. As well, changes in the blood chemistry is cautionary. Having said this, as an antioxidant, it is good but we have something unique and something that anyone serious about nutrition and health should consider first.
Here is a statement you should consider:
If you’re taking an astaxanthin supplement, you should be aware that it might lower blood pressure (evidence comes from studies in rats); if you’re on medication for high blood pressure, tell your physician that you’re taking it. Other potential side effects include increased skin pigmentation (astaxanthin is the compound that gives flamingos, salmon, and shrimp their pink color) and hair growth, hormonal changes, lowered blood levels of calcium, decreased libido, breast enlargement in men, and changes in blood tests. Astaxanthin isn’t recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing.