Did Your Due Diligence?

“WAIT!!!  I haven’t done my research yet!” — Does this sound like you?

Well, it sure sounded like me before I joined GWT.

In fact, I actually ran into a few people who also decided to ‘google’ GWT to see what type of negativity they could find to ‘warn’ me.  Some of these people were my friends, some even family!  And some of these people are who we classify at GWT as ‘sunblocks‘!

What’s a ‘sunblock‘?  Well, a sunblock is simply someone who is always negative.  A party-pooper.  And the bad ones are even sometimes… a dream-stealer!  Ever know some of these people?  Usually, these are the ones that would be jealous of your success, would be happy if you weren’t happy and unhappy if you were happy.

So… where does that leave us?  Well it’s simple rather!  Don’t take advice from “sunblocks”.  And don’t take my advice either about GWT, I’m biased!  So, instead, take advice from credible third party resources!  Enjoy reading below!

Researching Global Wealth Trade Corporation Online

Global Wealth Trade (GWT) is a 100% Canadian company originating in Ottawa in 2005, moving to Toronto in 2007. The GWT global headquarters is located in Richmond Hill, Ontario at 50 West Pearce St, featuring a 17,000 sq. ft. office and designer showroom.  Feel free to visit anytime!
Our mission is to become the most prestigious designer fashion house in the world by partnering with entrepreneurs who will bring its products to the discerning public. Our designer brands are FERI, and FERI MOSH.
We currently have distributors in over 50 countries and 10,000+ independent luxury consultants working with the company. In our mission to generate a billion dollars in product sales, we are working towards expanding to over 100 countries and 100,000 consultants by 2015.
The company website is: http://www.gwtcorp.com – click on Business Section to learn more about the company and click on Designer Galleries to see the extensive online catalogue of FERI jewellery, handbags, sunglasses, and more.

UPDATE January 18, 2017  — Well, I decided to update this page.  I don’t think many people still question GWT anymore because GWT is now more then a decade in business, A+ Business Rating on The Better Business Bureau and an Accredited Business on the BBB, as well as partnership with Mastercard for our payment solutions, but… there are always those people who just need to read more lol.


Read more…

GWT in the Media:


GWT Reviewed & Rated by Industry Experts:

  1. GWT on the American Business Journal (page 59-65) – Download here
  2. GWT on the Canadian Business Journal (page 244-249) – Download here
  3. 5 Star Rating for GWT – http://www.businessforhome.org/2012/02/global-wealth-trade-review-2012/
  4. Better Business Bureau Canada (A+ ranking ACCREDITED BUSINESS) – http://www.bbb.org/bbb-locator/LocationResult/?Address_State=Ontario,ON&strType=branch
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  6. BusinessForHome 2013 Review – http://www.businessforhome.org/2013/08/global-wealth-trade-review-2013/

GWT Appraisals, Certifications, and Conflict-Free Process:

  1. International Gemological Institute – http://www.igiworldwide.com
    1. IGI Advertisement 2009 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vD4kMvUkWpY
  2. Gemological Institute Of America – http://www.gia.edu/
  3. Kimberly Process (Conflict-free Diamonds) – http://www.kimberlyprocess.com

GWT Facts & Corporate Website:

  1. GWT Corporate – http://www.globalwealthtrade.com
    1. Designer Galleries – Explore our Designer Lines – http://globalwealthtrade.com/vdm/?referral=default
    2. BusinessSection–http://globalwealthtrade.com/default/main.html?cntylng=eng_can
    3. Media (click Media tab) – http://globalwealthtrade.com/default/media_feri_celebrities.html?cntylng=
    4. Company – http://globalwealthtrade.com/default/company.html
  2. GWT Partners with Mastercard – https://gwtcorp.trucash.com/default.aspx

Other Third Party References to Network Marketing:

  1. Wall Street Journal on Direct Selling – DSN_WSJ_book
  2. Forbes Magazine – Would you join a multi level marketing company for retirement income?
  3. Rene Liaw’s blogs from 2007 till present date.  – http://reneliaw.blogspot.ca/


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