Compensation Plan Pitfalls & Product Pitfalls

This video training on Compensation Plan Pitfalls in MLM/Network Marketing is now live and available for viewing for everyone.  If you are in MLM/Network Marketing, or have ever been in, or know someone who is in then this video is a MUST WATCH.

National Ambassador, Diamond LC, GWT Youngest Millionaire Rene Liaw shares with you the pitfalls in MLM/Network Marketing.  Special thanks to GWT CEO, Top 3 Compensation Plan Experts as voted on BusinessForHome, Ramin Mesgarlou for his knowledge and sharing his knowledge on compensation plans and for mentoring and coaching Rene Liaw.

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In addition to the Compensation Pitfalls is a new training just released by GWT CEO Ramin Mesgarlou talking about the Product Pitfalls of Network Marketing!  Again, another MUST WATCH!!!

January 13, 2014 — A sample of a three way call with someone with discussions on the pitfalls… (Right Click Save As)

January 23, 2014 — Another sample of three… (Right Click Save As to download)
Another great recording done by one of GWT’s compensation plan experts, Rene Liaw!!!
These recordings are done to understand that what Ramin says about……we cannot be challenged. It is impossible. We have the strongest product line, the strongest compensation plan, AND the best culture. Rene and myself are very far apart from each other and he still gives me the support like i was part of his first generation. That is the type of training we get here at Global Wealth Trade. Tune in to this call that Rene and myself did with a prospect of mine that was close minded about GWT, Rene completely opened him up to the best company in the world. Make sure you watch till the end for the “Finishing Punch”

The break down:

0 – 16:00

“Retention Ratio”
16:30 – 17:50

“Products that don’t work anymore”
17:50- 19:15

“Retention Ratio Stats”
19:50 – 23:20

23:20 – 24:50

“Explaining M.I.A (Monthly Inventory Account)”
24:55 – 26:15

“Why wear Feri over other brands (objection)”
31:48 – 33:25

“Objections on price/product and profit margins”
33:25 – 37:48

“Explaining True Residual Income”
37:48 – 40:00

“Feri Designer Lines (The Best of The Best)”
41:00 – 52:15

“Auto-ship vs MIA”
52:15 – 55:20

“Earning per Distributor”
55:20 – 58:17

“True Value”
1:03 – 1:10

1:15 – 1:16:30

“Retention Ratio”
1:16:30 – 1:17:45

“The Support in GWT/Free Flowing Binary”
1:18:28 – 1:20

“Handling Objection/Buying leaders”
1:20 – 1:22:20




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