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To further understand the below and all compensation plans, please take a look at this must watch training.

The compensation plan is found here…

Note: Apparently, some unhappy clients filed a complaint on can be found here…

Note 2: Apparently, they also have  a F rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

1) Fast Retail

Here they say that you can earn a retail profit when a direct Customer or Consultant purchases something at 10%.  At GWT, our retail profits are up to 67% and people sell retail all the time.  In these types of companies, I find it very seldom anyone buys retail because everyone joins as a member and buys member price.  Where as at GWT, if someone sees a gorgeous $35 bracelet, they’ll just buy it.

2) Team Volume Commission

At World G(N), they have a binary compensation plan but it’s the older types of Binary where it has to b a 50/50 split of your left and right team.

It’s also important to note that they say 10% to 20% but if you look at their own examples, it’s CLEAR that it’s 10% to 20% on ONE LEG balanced.  NOT 10% to 20% on each leg.  This is very Misleading because they write “The earnings generated by the Team Volume can reach up to 20% of the total sales volumes, balanced between the two teams (10% per each team).”  Based on their examples, it’s clear that it’s 10% to 20% on the weaker leg.  So in their 3rd example, of 5000 left volume and 5000 right volume your commission pay is from $500 to $1000 (which is really 5% to 10% on each leg).

So for example, if you had 5000 volume left, and 20,000 volume right, it pays you 5% of the 5000 on the left and 5% of the 5000 on the right (leaves you with 15,000 on the right).  So on a total of 25,000 volume, you got paid $500 ($250 left and $250 right).  At GWT, only GWT has the world’s FREE FLOWING Variable Binary compensation plan.  So at GWT, with the same numbers, it takes the 5000 on the left (1/3) and adds the 10,000 on the right (2/3) and then pays you 8% of the total which is a pay out of $1200.  So would you rather want a $500 payout or a $1200 payout.

GAME-OVER!! GWT is a clear winner here!  Even if in this example for World G(N) if I took 10% instead of 5% (which most don’t get), then your payout is $1000 which is still LESS then GWT’s $1200.

However, what is more important in this calculation is how much Sales Volume (SV) is generated for each dollar spent.  In their page 6, bottom right, it shows that when someone spends $59 USD, you receive 30 SV.  $59 USD is $75 CAD.

In GWT, when someone in your team contributes $75 CAD, you receive 45 volume points which is 60%.  At World GN, when someone contributes $59 USD ($75 CAD), you receive 30 SV which is 40%.  That’s a 20% DIFFERENCE in pay!   Now, let’s see how this impacts our first example!

Above, we showed that 15,000 sales volume in World G(N) pays from $500 to $1000.  However, to achieve 15,000 sales volume based on people’s monthly contribution, you’ll need 15,000 / 30 SV = 500 PEOPLE.

In GWT, to generate the same 15,000 sales volume which pays $1200 you’ll need 15,000 / 45 SV = 333 PEOPLE.

So in Summary, at:

GWT with 333 People on the $75 monthly (CAD) you’ll earn $1200.

World G(N), with 500 People on the monthly $59 USD ($75 CAD), you’ll earn $500 to a max of $1000.   GAME-OVER, the GWT compensation Earning Per Distributor is the CLEAR WINNER!

And lastly, another way to truly look at this commission is as follows.  At World G(N), you’re earning 40% Sales volume based on people’s monthly.  So if I take the 40% on sales volume x (5%-10% payout), the true payout is 2% to 4%.

At GWT, you’re earning 60% Sales volume based on people’s monthly.  So if I take the 60% on sales volume x 8% payout the true payout is 4.8%.  So GWT at START pays DOUBLE and even in the end, pays MORE then World G(N).


3) Money Box

So what World G(N) does, is they keep 1% of the commissions you earn from Team Commissions (#2) above.   In comparison, wouldn’t you rather make that 1% each week up front as it does in GWT instead of them holding it back each week and paying you once per year?!?!?!  They do this to try to encourage you to stay on your monthly contributions tactic.

4) Generation Matching Bonus

In this bonus, they pay you a matching bonus based on the people you brought in and it depends on what rank you achieve.  You start with 5%, and only when you reach higher ranks can you get a 10% matching bonus.  However, don’t forget that these matching bonuses are based upon the team commissions.  So a 10% bonus on a $500 commission is $50.  At GWT, the same example above, a 10% bonus on a $1200 commission is $120.  So again, would you rather have $50 bonus or $120 bonus at GWT?  Also don’t forget that in World G(N) they need more people and sales to generate that $500 for you to earn the matching bonus on.  So at GWT, these bonuses would come faster because you need less people.

They do have a 7 generation ‘possible’ matching bonus but let’s be realistic… how many people even get up to those higher ranks to unlock this type of matching bonus?  This is another “GAME-OVER” clause because a lot of these bonuses that can pay you are not even readily available to people unless they reach higher ranks.  At GWT, as a Diamond EMall you unlock the highest earning potential!

5) Infinity Residual Income

This is basically a bonus you get based on the sponsoring your first personal sponsors do.  At GWT, what’s even better is that whenever anyone launches their EMall, you receive 1667 or 600 or 120 of CV volume which goes towards the team commission and this can not only come from the people you personal sponsor, but from EVERYONE!  Would you rather take a bonus from just the people that you bring in and who they bring in, or take a residual commission from ANYONE who joins in your team?

All in all, they have a few others bonuses but this is the issue.  In the compensation plan pitfalls training, we talk about a plan being more focused on paying bonuses or commissions.  Again, bonuses only come once and have to be earned again where as team commissions are a lifetime.  At World G(N) they have a lower payout in team commissions compared to GWT, they also are more focused on bonuses then commissions, and even their bonuses can’t match up to GWT’s bonuses so clear winner here is GWT.


In addition, I had someone else send me their comparison you can find it here and it’s a GREAT READ!!


GWT vs. World comp plan


Lastly, in regards to their product, till this date the ONLY companies that have lasted the longest are the ones that have tangible products and NOT in technology.  The reason being is because technology always evolves and what might be hot now, becomes obsolete very soon.  And you’re competing against Samsung, Apple, and a ton of other companies who manufacture health monitor bracelets for a fraction of the price and have better technology!


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