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Vida Davina comp plan vs. GWT

– Retail 50% mark up $20

. GWT is up to 67%

– 16 levels to qualify and re-qualify monthly for to get full binary commissions.

. GWT NO ranks, FREE FLOWING & Variable so you get FULL binary commissions from DAY 1

– Some of the commissions are only based on 7 days and 30 days qualifications

.GWT commissions are permanent, some incentives above the commissions are based on 30 day s qualification.

– PAY LEG scheme of 5% – 25% – GAME OVER already, you lost 51% – 99% of your cheque every week because Vida doesn’t pay on your biggest team/leg.

. GWT pays on BOTH big and small team to INFINITY – GAME OVER.

– Vida Monthly payout

. GWT weekly payout

– All 16 ranks MUST re-qualify in FULL every month to get paid their binary commissions at their rank. BIG PROBLEM will never happen.

. In GWT you will always get paid your full cycle from day one. The only qualification is personal VDMS but no CV or PV or other qualifications.

– Auto ship of $120 to $240 USD ($320 CDN) per month depending on rank. They claim they don’t have an AUTO-SHIP but their monthly forced buying is exactly the same as AUTOSHIP. The worse part is if you miss your monthly quota three months in a row, you account will be DEACTIVATED and in 6 months you LOSE your entire down line and clients and lose your franchise. WOW talk about dictatorship, I see lots of grievances and problems coming.

. GWT, has the revolutionary IA program from $35 to $150 CDN. No pressure, 1400 choices of the finest fashion products, no deactivation for not being on IA.

– Fast start bonus 50% – 70% personal distributors ONE TIME BONUS and for the TOP LEVELS ONLY 1% – 5% commissions on PAY LEG ONLY

. GWT pays $150 – $350 Wholesale profits on personal LCs, pays again on all upgrades and 8% commissions to INFINITY to ALL LCS on BOTH Legs – NOT EVEN CLOSE.

– Vida start package $150 USD ($197 CDN)

. GWT is $169 CDN

– Vida, Presenter’s bonus of 20% of the commissions from your team member, which is a HORRIBLE idea and will cause many grievances. Upline is suppose to help and support their team because they get paid on their efforts but now they also take away 20% of the new distributors commissions to provide support and do presentations? BAD IDEA and unfair. If the company wants to build leadership, they should pay for it and not force it away from the new distributors commissions.

– Vida, Check match 7 generation for the top ranks ONLY. Since the check match is ONLY paid on commissionable volume income, this bonus is insignificant because Vida does NOT pay on BOTH legs like GWT hence the commissions are low. Further there are so many comp plan restrictions that even the PAY LEG commissions will rarely get paid in full.

. GWT pays two levels but since GWT pays on BOTH LEGS big and small and to INFINITY on BOTH legs, this bonus is significant because unlike Vida GWT’s Binary commissions are massive. Further everyone in GWT gets check match from day one and not only the middle to top ranks.

– Vida, $500 to $3000 in mortgage bonus only for the TOP ranks which is a disaster. Again every bonus here is highly restricted and even impossible for even the qualifiers to sustain. Not only this is only for the top ranks 4 of the 16 ranks, it is loaded with escape clauses. They are;

. You MUST get a mortgage or you won’t get the bonus.

. The mortgage MUST be in your name or you won’t get the bonus, so if you don’t qualify for a mortgage than NO BONUS.

. It has to be re-qualified monthly

. Most importantly it’s dangerous & you have to PAY ATTENTION to one key word “Principle”. The bonus is to be paid ONLY towards principle and NOT INTEREST which means they are forcing you to get a much bigger mortgage than you need and while they pay the principle, you are stock paying the interest which in most cases MORE than the principle. The bonus is written directly to the bank and not the distributor.

. In GWT we have $1500 – $3000 Luxury and Exotic car program for the top two levels and offer choices to cash in on it if you don’t need a car. You can also exchange it for FERI MOSH jewellery of even higher value instead. We have no escape clauses what so ever, you qualify ONCE and you get it for 18 months.

– Vida, when you CAP your business center, you get another one above the old one, which is USELESS since the old one becomes your strong leg in which you don’t get paid on. Another words you need to start a whole new business from scratch. Further only the top 4 ranks out of 16 can open more centers, which is very hard to maintain.

. GWT gives you THREE VDMs to every LC and not only the top LCs. VDM 2 & 3 are directly below VDM 1 so when you CAP BC 1, you can utilize the CV accumulated in BC 2 & 3 to cash in again and again for a total of $120,000/month in Binary commissions.

– Vida, offers vacations twice per year which you need to qualify for every time.

. GWT offers luxury cruises and vacations that you have to qualify for. PLUS GWT offers business travel bonus WEEKLY that does NOT require qualification at all to ALL LCS. This is MASSIVE being able to travel the world and start and support your teams and GWT will pay for your travel expenses.

– Vida offers star coin rewards which is every $1600 in extra product purchase, you get ONE free product of $40.

. GWT offers many incentives in The Launch Pad like $1000 in free products when you achieve Diamond, $2000 in product bonuses when you achieve Diplomat in 30 days and $10,000 in product shopping spree when you achieve Ambassador in 30 days.

Most importantly and UNPRECEDENTED, GWT offers FREE shipping with IA rebate for every dollar you spend on shipping anywhere in the world.

Vida – NO

GWT offers Total Service and pays for all VAT and duties charges and even takes care of all the custom clearing which is HUGE savings for the LCs as they expand globally

Vida – NO

GWT offers $100 FREE shopping spree gift certificate to all retail clients to help LCs find and build a huge retail client portfolio. This helps LCs to find customers and consultants all financed by the company.

Vida – NO

GWT offers the most aggressive VIP retail customer loyalty program that pays up to 10% rebate credits to all Retail customers. This is a huge help to consultants to offer this value proposition to their prospects and clients and build up their retail client portfolio. All rebate credits are fully paid by the company on the behalf of the consultants.

Vida – NO

GWT offers Global Revenue Sharing of 4% on all package sales, product sales and even package upgrades for the top three ranks.

Vida – NO

GWT offers other specials & bonuses like FERI President timepiece & the Diamond Rush program to help consultants to reach the Diamond level within 30 days and MAXIMIZE the binary commissions

Vida – NO

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