TOCS (Total Overnight Cash System)

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One can reach $20,000 per week. It would not be that difficult to get to that point with TOCS – but it would require a constant large stream of new dollars – in big amounts or large numbers of people.

I just looked through the full website for the “Total Overnight Cash System” or TOCS and here’re my findings:

      – Its an Australian 1-up Cash Gifting program (which is NOT recognized by Industry Canada as a legal structure).


      – There is no product. There are some services you can get by paying the monthly fee. But you are paid only from future gifts from members.


    – You can join at any one of 5 tiers. You can upgrade between them by paying the difference later.

To join at a tier, you give money to your sponsor, and money to the company for the application.
…………………….. Tier 1 ….. Tier 2 ….. Tier 3 ….. Tier 4 ….. Tier 5
Paid to Sponsor…….. 500 ……… 1,000 ….. 2,500 ……. 5,000 …. 10,000
Paid to Company……. 200 ……… 400 ……. 600 ………. 800 ……. 1,000
Monthly to Company… 29.95 ……. 29.95 …. 29.95 ……. 29.95 ….. 29.95

You can also pay the fee on an annual basis, $197, to save some money.

Just for joining at a Tier, you are eligible to receive gifts from any lower tier.
To qualify yourself to receive gifts at your tier, you must pass through your first gift you receive at your own level to your sponsor.
You also must pass through all higher tier gifts to your sponsor, or their sponsor, until it reaches someone at that tier or higher. That DOES count for future qualification at that tier, if you upgrade later.


Frank (Qualified at Tier 2) introduces Joe, who joins at Tier 1.

Joe pays Frank $500
Joe pays TOCS (the company) $200 for his application fee, and now $29.95/month

Joe introduces Mary, who joins at Tier 1.

Mary pays Frank $500 (the 1-up) to qualify Joe
Mary pays TOCS $200 and monthly

Joe introduces Bill, who joins at Tier 1.

Bill pays Joe $500 (since Joe is qualified) – so he finally made a profit
Bill pays TOCS $200

Joe introduces Sam, who joins at Tier 2.

Sam pays Frank $1000 (since Joe is not qualified yet at tier 2, but now he is)
Sam pays TOCS $400.

Sam introduces Mitch, who joins at Tier 2.

Mitch pays $1000 to Frank (since Mitch is not qualified, and Joe is not at Tier 2)
Mitch pays TOCS $400.

What Happened?

So you can see that Joe is getting cut out at the stuff going on at the higher level – which means he should actually upgrade as fast as he can – but as soon as he does that, he still needs to make 1 more sale at that level himself to qualify. And as soon as he does that, he cuts off “Frank’s” residual aspect, unless they start upgrading to Tier 3, etc.

So essentially, you make a lot of money by sponsoring people to join at the same level as you, or lower. You are giving away your money to start, and somebody else’s money to qualify, once.
To make any profit you need to make 2 sales at your level, or twice as many at a lower level. And if you don’t make a profit, you’ve lost money and have nothing to show for it. And if you get lucky and make higher sales than your tier – there’s no benefit to you at all.

PROS (in theory)

1. You can make a lot of money if you know a lot of people, and are willing to pay (and play) at the highest level.
2. The marketing is slick, saying people don’t need time, to talk to people, or any of the regular network marketing activities.
3. Get all the internet based tools you want/need (for the monthly fee).
4. Call center to do your follow ups for you and answer questions.


1. You get nothing for your money – just money. If someone does nothing, they are left with literally nothing – someone else has their money. If someone makes just 1 sale at their level, they STILL get nothing – that money went to their sponsor. If they made just one sale at a lower level, then they didn’t make back their initial investment. So you’re in a cycle of NEEDING to make sales just to justify your involvement, because there’s nothing else.

2. No team aspect – you are working for yourself, with the system. You want to get your friend before your brother does – because then you maximize the benefit. You have NO incentive to help anyone, other than to get them in. Even BIM had more of a team aspect.

3. No residual at all – its all based on new gifts entering the system – and you only get paid on the work of others for their first gift at their Tier, or because you’ve qualified at a higher tier than they have. In which
case you’re making the money that they could be making if they got a higher tier. But they’ll probably want to upgrade just in time – so that that money comes to them. The system will encourage upgrading so that you cut off the potential overrides of the people above you. Everyone is out there to cut each other off.

4. Sustainability? How long can a money game go on? It appears to have started in the US, gone to Canada, Britain and beyond. They claim it to be legal, but regulators would want to shut this kind of thing down.

The structure will make almost everyone uncomfortable – its a pure money game. It will attract the greedy, and discourage people who really want to help others from joining.

From a tax perspective, I think they’re right that this is not considered income – its a gift. So in that case, this is not a business at all – so you’re not eligible for taxable expenses. All these costs are sunk costs so you’d better be able to make some money.


Its literally a cash machine, but its always based on some people out there who gave their money and got nothing.

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