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I found their compensation plan on this link here.

To be honest, with one look at this compensation plan I already knew they had SO MANY PITFALLS and “GAME-OVER” clauses as trained in the compensation plan pitfalls training here.

For people who don’t understand or know of other compensation plans, they really need to listen to my training above.

Okay let’s get started…

To understand the payout in dollars, one needs to know the conversion of BV or PV to Dollars.

There is no price list I could find online but I asked a few people who used to be in Nature’s Pearl, and I was told it’s 1PV = $1.00

1) First Order Bonus

How this work is you will earn 25% of the order of someone you personally introduce on their products.  It’s not very detailed so there may be additional rules that there has to be a certain minimum order.  At GWT, you earn $50 whenever someone joins the company.  However, if I added the mix of selling products to people at GWT to your personal sponsors, you could make retail profits of 100%.  So if you sold a $100 ring, you would make $50.  That’s a direct comparison.  Once they pay you, the next 2 uplines get 4% and 3% of that respectively.  However, you might not get this if you haven’t achieved a certain rank. Instantly, this is a “GAME-OVER” clause.  If a compensation plan requires you to achieve certain ranks in order to unlock earning streams, it’s NOT a fair plan.  Why not join a company that allows everyone to have the same access to payouts as everyone else?  Because ranks only have one purpose which is to restrict the flow of money from the company to you?  WHY?  Because they can’t afford to pay everyone the same!  So in GWT, everyone gets paid out the same amount, and there are no ranks!

At GWT, if someone in your team sells a product for $100, then 60% of $50 is pushed up as volume which is $30 and you get 10% of that.  So not only do you get more (10%), but it also goes down to INFINITY!!!  In Nature’s Pearl, they don’t pay to INFINITE so immediate “GAME-OVER” clause!

Also not to mention that in Nature’s Pearl this is only on the first order and that’s it.  At GWT, you ALWAYS get the flow up of volume on EVERY ORDER!  And at GWT, if we’re talking about the first order, you get paid 10% of all the products in the IA which is on top of their product orders!  Much more payouts at GWT.

2) Career Rank Promotion

When I saw this I was thinking in my head, not another one of those rank’s that must be achieved within 90 days which effects your bonus and payout.  At GWT, there are no ranks to unlock the payouts.  You join, you get paid.

3) Unilevel Residual Payout

This is the meat and potatoes because it’s the form of passive/residual income.  Just looking at the chart, it’s an instant “GAME-OVER” clause because it only pays you down to 8 levels.  BUT WAIT, you have to WORK to GET your 8 levels.  At GWT, it pays you from 1st level down to infinite FOR LIFE, WITHOUT having to attain certain ranks to unlock all the levels.  And in direct sales, most of your volume will always come from after your 7 levels!

To understand how to achieve higher ranks, you can find it on this link.  Not surprisingly, you have to find this document on another website.

I feel sorry for those people trying to build in this compensation plan.  To achieve ranks you have to work so hard and build a certain structure.  For example, do be a Silver, you have to have 2 Bronze.  To be a Gold, you have to have 2 Silver’s.  To make matters more complex, the higher the ranks you try to achieve, the more legs you have to build.  To get to the Black Pearl Executive, you have to build 5 legs AND have 2 Pearls!!!  In network marketing, it’s hard enough to build 2 legs let alone try to build 5!!!

Instant “GAME-OVER” clause!  If you have to build more then 2 legs, then instant GAME-OVER!  Why have to build 5 to unlock the highest payout when at GWT, you only ever have to build 2 legs and just by joining you can have the highest payout?  Why build 5 when you can build 3?  Why build 3 when you can build only 2?

Their compensation plan is unilevel compensation plan which is one of the oldest compensation plans to follow.  Unilevel has many issues because the longer you are in business, the deeper your organization gets.  Yet with Nature’s Pearl, the deeper it gets the more money you lose because you’re never getting paid on that volume.  Historically, most of one’s volume comes from beyond the first 8 levels, and with their compensation plan, you never get paid for it!

To make matters worse, they only pay you 5% of the volume.  They used to pay 15% on the 3rd level and 10% on the 4th but that changed in 2012 and now it’s 5% down to the first 6 levels, and then 3% on the 7th and 2% on the 8th.  Not to mention, again, you only start with the first 2 levels and you have to rank advance to unlock the lower levels.  “GAME-OVER” yet again.  Why not get paid from 1st level down to infinite of 10% from day 1 without having to jump through ranks?

Also, another problem is the fact that they have ranks.  What happens when someone in your team matches your rank?  In most cases, you start to lose a significant income.  But also what would happen if someone passes your rank?  In most cases, you lose all of your income.  So imagine if someone in your team because the Black Diamond Pearl Executive… what would happen to you?  Are you now playing catch-up for the rest of your life?  Trying to chase a rank that you’ll never get?  There are too many dangers and pitfalls in this compensation plan and a lot of people will get hurt!  “GAME-OVER”  Why choose a compensation plan that has ranks you have to work so hard for and you may get hurt one day when you can join another company like GWT that pays you 10% from the 1st level down to INFINITE from DAY 1 WITHOUT RANKS?!

Matching Bonuses

They don’t even have matching bonuses.  At GWT, simply join Diamond and get 10% matching bonus from DAY 1 on your 1st generation.  I honestly know that most people in Sisel don’t even qualify for the matching bonuses.  At GWT, you get it day 1!

Car Program

I couldn’t see a car program but at GWT we have a SERIOUS car program

At GWT, we also have more bonuses then they do including the vacation program, matching IA, just to name a few.

WANT versus NEED

It’s easier to sell a want then a need. Want is more powerful then need. For example, people don’t need to smoke, but they want to. People don’t need to drink, but they want to. People don’t need to buy designer labels, but they want to. In nutrition, selling a need was good many many years ago. When there was only a few nutritional companies or telecom companies or utility companies. Nowadays, there are too many choices amongst MLM and even the local grocery and pharmacies to buy nutritional items. In GWT, people are happily saving money into their IA to one day buy the item they’ve always wanted and have been saving up for.

Education in products

In most health companies, you have to become half a doctor to be able to effectively sell their products. In GWT, everyone knows what a watch is, jewelry, etc… so it’s SUPER simple.  In nutrition, you have to not only become half a doctor, but also you need to train your team on how to become half a doctor.  Duplication is key and the longer it takes for someone to learn about their products, the longer the duplication process.  And the more learning there is in a system, the more complicated it can become, and you can potentially lose a lot of your team due to this.


According to the DSA, there are now 30 million people in North American who are in the health and wellness industry.  As great as companies can be, if there are too many people competing against you, it’s almost impossible to make those huge incomes as you always wanted.  If you had joined these huge companies when they first got started 20 years ago, you’d be in a good situation because there wasn’t that many companies back then in health and wellness.  Today, every month or even every week there is the newest latest and greatest health and wellness company.  And I’m constantly being approached by these company’s to join them, bring a team over, and they’ll give me some type of joining incentive (cash, inherit a downline, etc..).  In summary, if you’re today in a health and wellness company, it’s almost pointless.  Even if you establish a huge team, after a few months, when the latest and greatest company comes out, most of your team leaves you and now you’re back to trying to building a brand new team.  The industry retention ratio is roughly 10-18% so that means after one year with 100 people, only 10-18 of them are left.  It’s exhausting and if that’s the deal in health and wellness companies, then no thank you!



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