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The below compensation plan comparison is based upon the compensation plan found on…


http://www.nsavirtualfranchise.com/06sy … rack.shtml
Like most other network marketing companies, the compensation plans are not found on their website. If one wishes to learn more about it, they must contact a distributor of the company or contact the company directly.

I’ve written this compensation plan based upon what information was available on the website above.

It’s key to understand that the model of Juice Plus is a Franchise Model where one tries to sell as much product as possible. It then later on shifts into a recruitment model where you try to have others in your team do the same thing. This is explained below.

Juice Plus Retail Profits
This part is relatively simple. The example provided is based upon the Preferred Customer four month supply of the Orchard and Garden Blend, which retails for $156. The wholesale cost to you as a Distributor is $135 leaving a Retail Profit of $21.
I translate this to mean that you would earn $21, every four months, for every preferred customer you have on auto ship for a four month supply of the Orchard and Garden Blend .

      GWT Comparison


    GWT Retail profits can be up to 350% depending on which product is sold. Of course, whenever someone joins as a wholesaler, you also earn $150 USD wholesale profits for each wholesaler.

Juice Plus Commission Formula: 6%, 14% or 22%
This is where is starts to get complicated…
Each of these numbers correspond with a different level in the distributor definitions:Direct Distributor (6%), Virtual Franchisee (14%) and Sales Coordinator (22%).
This raises the question: What does the 6%, 14% and 22% commission apply to?
These %’s apply to your PVC or Purchase Volumn Credit. PVC is 75% of the wholesale price of the item in question. For this example, we continue with the four month supply of the Garden and Orchard Blend. So it breaks down like this:

1 box of Juice Plus+®Orchard and Garden blends at $135 wholesale x 75% = 101.25 PVC

      Distributor Level —– Retail Profit + Commission = Total Profit Direct Distributor (DD) 6% $21 + (6% x 101.25 PVC = $6.07) = $27.07 Virtual Franchisee (VF) 14% $21 + (14% x 101.25 PVC = $14.17) = $35.17 Sales Coordinator (SC) 22% $21 + (22% x 101.25 PVC = $22.27) = $43.27


      So, the next question is: How do you “qualify” for each level?
      To qualify as a Direct Distributor : Accumulate 2,000 PVC(approximately 20 Orchard and Garden orders) over any amount of time or cut your volume requirement by 3/4 – acquire 500 Personal PVC (approximately five Orchard and Garden orders in your number) within 1-30 days to qualify for a 6% commission, or Direct Distributor position.
      To qualify as a Virtual Franchisee: Accumulate 6,000 PVC(approximately 60 Orchard and Garden orders) over any amount of time or cut your volume requirement by 2/3 – acquire 2,000 PVC (approximately 20 Orchard and Garden orders) within 60 days to qualify for a 14% commission, or Virtual Franchisee position.
    To qualify as a Sales Coordinator: Accumulate 12,000 PVC over any amount of time with your team and help three people you sponsor reach the 6% Direct Distributor level and you earn 22% commission.
      GWT Comparison


      GWT Wholesale members basically join at the Platinum ($3597), Titanium ($1597), or Gold ($697) package which of those amounts, ($3000) for Platinum, ($1000) for Titanium, and ($100) for Gold are placed into their own SAC (Shopping Account Credit) account. Regardless of which package you join as, and you can upgrade anytime by adding the difference into your SAC account, your commission is always at 10%.


    I would be curious to see how many people actually qualify for the DD, VF, or SC position in Juice Plus.

The key to trying to understanding the payouts in comparison to GWT is to actually calculate the payout based on dollars to dollars versus points to dollars. Recall, at GWT, every $3000 pays you $300.00 in commissions.

For Juice Plus, let’s say you were a DD and had accumulated 2000 PVC’s. In order to accumulate 2000 PVC’s, that would mean there was 20 Orchard and Garden orders. 20 of those orders comes to 20 * $135.00 = $2700. For this example, let’s just say that you sold 22 so the total there is 22 * $135.00 = $2970. To now calculate how much you got paid out, recall that you get paid at the Wholesale price of the product (75%) which is $2970 * 75% = 2227.50 PVC.

      * For DD, you would then get paid 6% of the total PVC (note that this not 6% of the dollar value!) which comes to 2227.50 * 0.06 = $133.65 in one 4 month period. And if no one reorders the 22 cases, then you don’t get paid commissions.
      * For VF, don’t forget that you need 6000 PVC’s which is 60 orders which comes to 60 * $135.00 = $8100. Next, we calculate the PVC which is $8100.00 * 75% = 6075 PVC. As a VF, you get paid 14% which comes to 6075 * 0.14 = $850.50.
    * For SC, one needs 12,000 PVC which is 120 orders which comes to 120 * $135.00 = $16,200. Next, we calculate the PVC which is $16,200 * 75% = 12150 PVC. As a SC, you get paid 22% which comes to 12150 * 0.22 = $2673.00.

So here’s a better view of things.

      * GWT as Platinum/Titanium every $3000.00 pays you $300.00 which is a 10% payout.


      * GWT as Gold every $3000.00 pays you $150.00 which is a 5% payout.


      Note that at GWT, there are no qualifications for these commissions, you simply join as that package and you are qualified.
      * Juice Plus as a DD every $2970 pays you $133.65 which is a 4.5% payout.


      * Juice Plus as a VF every $8100 pays you $850.50 which is a 10.5% payout.


    * Juice Plus as a SC every $16,200 pays you $2673.00 which is a 16.5% payout.

To give you an even better comparison understanding, let’s just look at the number of people compared to the payout.

Juice Plus DD is roughly 22 people, which pays you $133.65 which means 40 people would pay you $267.30.

      GWT Comparison


      At GWT, 40 people at either Gold or Titanium would pay you $300.00 per month. The most important aspect to recall is that the Juice Plus packages last 4 months. In others words, you actually need to take home $267.30 you’re getting paid for the 40 people for the 4 months, and divide it by 4 to find out how much you would be making per month which comes to $267.30 / 4 = $66.825.


      So to recap Juice Plus DD, 40 people would pay you $66.825 / month where as GWT would pay you $300.00 / month.
      Juice Plus VF starts when you have 6000 PVC which is basically 60 people. 60 people would pay you $850.50 per 4 months which is $212.625 / month. At GWT, 60 people at the Gold or Titanium Package would pay you $450.00 / month.
    Juice Plus SC starts at 12,000 PVC which is roughly 120 people. 120 people would pay you $2673.00 per 4 months which is $668.25/ month. At GWT, 120 people at the Gold or Titanium Package would pay you $900 / month.

Summary of the above

At the lowest level in Juice Plus (DD), if you qualified for it, GWT still pays 5 times the amount.
At the VF level, GWT still pays 2 times the amount.
At the SC level, GWT still pays 1.34 times the amount.

Also recall that most members at GWT are at the Platinum package so the payout is actually a lot larger; and members can easily choose to be a Platinum member without rules and qualifications to jump through.

In the above, I didn’t include the Juice Plus Retail profits of $21.00 per order made but that compares to GWT’s $150.00 of Wholesale Profits for each member that joins. And even though in Juice Plus you get this $21.00 every 4 months if someone were to re-purchase their 4 month supply, it still doesn’t cover the amount that GWT pays more per person monthly than Juice Plus.

Additional Bonuses

If one can add 10 new customers each month, they call it the 10-10-10-10 plan, than additional bonuses are paid out.

      GWT Comparison


      * At GWT, once you have 2 people, one left and one right, you are qualified for the Team Commissions, and the BDB’s.
    * If a GWT member enrolls 10 people per month, and let’s say these 10 are on the $75/month SAC, then over the course of 4 months, 10 people * 4 months = 40 people * $75/month SAC = $3000 –> which pays your $300 per month (as opposed to 60 people in Juice Plus earns you $212 per month). So imagine when of the 40 people, there are Platinums in your team investing $150/month, which means even higher residual income per month right off the bat.

NSA Virtual Franchise

      * 3 Club : 3-11 others in your distributor organization. So this sounds like a trinary format where each person, can sponsor 3 others in the genealogy. Hence, below you, would be 3 others. By having 3 other people, you are in the 3 Club. However, for one to attain the next club which is the 12 Club, each of those 3 MUST have their own 3 for a total of 12 people. If you are one short, you are still in the 3 Club but no longer in the 12 Club – so you drop ranks. Earnings of over $15,000 a year on average.


      * 12 Club: 12-38 others in your distributor organization. Earnings of over $40,000 a year on average.


    * 39 Club: 39 or more in your distributor organization. Earnings of over $120,000 a year on average.

GWT Comparison

      * Gold Package members can earn up to $256,000 a year on Team Commisions (not including the other 4 revenue streams).


      * Titanium Package members can earn up to $512,000 a year on Team Commissions (not including the other 4 revenue streams).


    * Platinum Package members can earn up to $1.56M a year on Team Commissions (not including the other 4 revenue streams).

Special Notes

On the DSA, there are over 10,000 companies registered and about 90% or more of these companies are either household products, telecommunications, or nutrition. The reality with Nutrition is that there are at least 10,000,000 million other distributors in nutrition doing the same thing. If we joined nutritional network marketing two decades ago, we’d be at the perfect storm because no one was doing nutrition back then. In today’s world, every few months there is another nutritional company starting up. At GWT, we are the ONLY company worldwide that does what we do (fine designer jewelry company). We are also a Recession Free Business which none other is. Lastly, we have a product that is truly unique which is our 19K gold and 21K gold.

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