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UPDATED Feb 22, 2015 — Jeunesse Litigation

And below, apparently there is another lawsuit regarding patent infringement.

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This comparison is based on the PDF found on the link below.

Jeunesse has 6 income streams.

Retail Profits

The Jeunesse plan allows for 35% retail profits.  I’ve stated this before in that every compensation plan has to have a stream of retail profits as per regulators.  The question is how easy or how many distributors actually sell retail versus having their prospects become members.  Second question is how many people actually sell for 35% profits.

In comparison with GWT, our Retail profits can easily and quickly be sold for 100% retail profit and these sales happen very often through the Look Books, Branding Parties, Events, and online through Email Templates or direct through the website.  And the beauty of GWT’s products are that people often sell for even more then the 100% Retail profit.  So for example, if an item is $40 Diamond LC cost, $80 Retail, there are many success stories of people selling for $100 or even higher.

Customer Loyalty Program

Basically someone can join this program and receive 10% discount or if they go on autoship they can receive 20% discount.

At GWT, we also have this VIP program that allows someone to also receive 10% rebates on future orders.  The great part is that when you have VIP the volume also flows up as CV for you towards your commission.

New Customer Acquisition Bonus

Also known for short form as ‘CAB’ bonuses, it’s really a sign-up bonus but can’t be called that due to legal terms.  Based upon the package the new persons  joins at, here is the payout.

Product Packages
Basic Package of 100 CV pays $25
Supreme Package of 300 CV pays $100
Jumbo Package of 400 CV pays $200
Ambassador Package of 500 CV pays $250

The question here is to really find out how much are people paying in order for you to get these bonuses.

For the basic package, 100 CV requires $199.95 before tax.

300 CV requires $499.95 before tax.

400 CV requires $799.95 before tax.

500 CV requires $1099.95 before tax.

With GWT, you earn a $50 Wholesale profit for when anyone joins at the Silver, Plangsten, Gold or Diamond level.  In addition to that, the volume from these packages also flows up and pays you more in the Residual income.  In one of my trainings, I talk about getting paid more in bonuses, or getting paid more in residual income.  In bonuses, you get them once and you have to keep qualifying.  Whereas, with commissions, you make it once, but you get paid for life!  If you haven’t watching the Compensation Plan Pitfalls training, please do so here because it’s absolutely fundamental in MLM.

Team Commissions

This is the meat and potatoes of lifelong retirement in MLM.  Because with commissions, you get paid on it for life, if the plan is good.  With Jenuesse, you need to have 300 CV on one side, 600 CV on the other side, for a total of 900 CV and that pays you $35.  However, the important question is how much is 900 CV equivalent to in dollar value.  From my research and looking at this page here,

please note that this page is actually for Australia but the ratios should not be that different then Canada.  From what i could gather, the conversion of 1 CV to Dollars is from 1 to 1.36 to 1.70.  So in other words average of 1 to 1.5.  So really, the 900 CV is actually equivalent to $1350 dollars and if the payout is $35 then that’s a 2.5% payout.  More recently, I also met someone who is in Jeunesse and he told me the conversion is more 1CV to $2.00.  So really, 900CV is the same as $1800 dollars that pays you $35 which is a payout of 1.9%.

At GWT, when you have $6250 of volume, just like Jeunesse except that we have a free flowing variable binary plan, you get paid $500 which is a payout of 8%.  So would your rather take a 8% payout, or a 2.5% payout?  And this goes back to the point where a lot of companies pay so little in their commissions that they have to offer more in bonuses.  I chose GWT because it’s main focus is paying as much as possible in the residual income team commissions.

Leadership Matching Bonus

Jeunesse also has a matching bonus but that is determined by your rank.  I talk about the harsh reality of having ranks in my training in pitfalls of comp plans above.  In other words, why join a plan where you have to reach a certain rank to unlock the bonuses when with GWT they pay you all the bonuses without you having to reach some rank.. because GWT has NO ranks.

Jeunesse pays 20% on your first level, Level 2 is 15%, 3 is 10%, 4,5,6 and 7 is 5%.  However, one has to know that the matching bonuses are paid on the team commissions.  So in other words, you may take a 20% matching bonus on $35 which is $7.  With GWT you receive 10% of $500 which is $50.  But let’s compare the right way.  In Jeunesse, you’re taking a 20% matching bonus on a commission cheque which is 2.5% payout.  At GWT, you’re taking a 10% matching bonus on a commission cheque which is 8% payout.  So Jeunesse is 20% x 2.5% is 0.5%.  GWT is 10% x 8% is 0.8%.  Would you prefer 0.5% or 0.8%?

The even more tricky part is that the matching bonuses up to 7 levels depend on which rank you are.  What’s the tricky part is that MOST people will never attain these ranks that they are bragging about.  For example, to get the fourth level matching bonus, you need to be a Ruby and to be a Ruby, you need to have cycled 200 Team Commissions in the previous month.  So that means in order to even get this matching bonus, you need to have earned 200 x $35 = $7000 in a month of commissions (something that most people can not attain).

What’s even more tough is the next rank which is Emerald and you need to have 500 cycles Team commissions so you had to earn 500 x $35 = $17,500 to earn the 5th level matching bonus.  Notice the big difference between 500 and 200 cycles from the previous one.  At the end of the day, don’t forget that this is JUST A BONUS.  You only get it if 1) you qualify (which is tough), and 2) if you have someone in your organization making those team commissions.  But don’t forget, your matching bonuses are paid on the commissions which are small.  So in summary, if you have so many people making commissions below you, then with GWT’s Team Commission payout, you’ll be earn three times the amount GUARANTEED instead of hoping it comes in matching bonuses.  Would you rather have higher Team Commission because more volume is coming in guaranteed, or hope that someone in your team makes team commissions and you get a matching bonus?

The company has additional bonuses but so does ours, but we don’t need to go there.  Why? Because most people don’t get these bonuses.  GWT also has a car program, trip program, free products bonuses, global revenue stream, and more.  At the end of the day, The Jeunesse has many “GAME-OVER” clauses as per my training and two of the biggest ones are that they have RANKS, and the plan pays too little in team commissions.  Again, at GWT you have no ranks to have to achieve to unlock the main bonuses, and you get paid 8% commissions compared to 2.5%.  Even if Jeunesse paid more then 2.5%, it won’t get anywhere close to 8%.

Other questions one has to ask if whether one can lose their ranks. Because if you can lose your rank, you lose your bonuses but it also kills momentum when someone in your team drops their rank.


Additional Key Thoughts

In today’s day and age, 2013, there are more then 30 million people in the Health and Wellness and those are the people you are competing against. Every few months there is a brand new health and wellness company with the latest product line that are raving about how they have the latest and greatest product that no one else has. You’ll be forever competing with other companies that are arguing that their products are the best You’ll be dealing with other people who are forever saying that your company’s products can’t compete with theirs.

On top of that, ask yourself how many people have heard about your company. If 5 out of 10 people know of it, it’s gotten out there pretty fast. If 9 out of 10 heard of it, it’s too late.


WANT versus NEED

It’s easier to sell a want then a need. Want is more powerful then need. For example, people don’t need to smoke, but they want to. People don’t need to drink, but they want to. People don’t need to buy designer labels, but they want to. In nutrition, selling a need was good many many years ago. When there was only a few nutritional companies or telecom companies or utility companies. Nowadays, there are too many choices amongst MLM and even the local grocery and pharmacies to buy nutritional items. In GWT, people are happily saving money into their IA to one day buy the item they’ve always wanted and have been saving up for.

Education in products

In most health companies, you have to become half a doctor to be able to effectively sell their products. In GWT, everyone knows what a watch is, jewelry, etc… so it’s SUPER simple.  In nutrition, you have to not only become half a doctor, but also you need to train your team on how to become half a doctor.  Duplication is key and the longer it takes for someone to learn about their products, the longer the duplication process.  And the more learning there is in a system, the more complicated it can become, and you can potentially lose a lot of your team due to this.


According to the DSA, there are now 30 million people in North American who are in the health and wellness industry.  As great as companies can be, if there are too many people competing against you, it’s almost impossible to make those huge incomes as you always wanted.  If you had joined these huge companies when they first got started 20 years ago, you’d be in a good situation because there wasn’t that many companies back then in health and wellness.  Today, every month or even every week there is the newest latest and greatest health and wellness company.  And I’m constantly being approached by these company’s to join them, bring a team over, and they’ll give me some type of joining incentive (cash, inherit a downline, etc..).  In summary, if you’re today in a health and wellness company, it’s almost pointless.  Even if you establish a huge team, after a few months, when the latest and greatest company comes out, most of your team leaves you and now you’re back to trying to building a brand new team.  The industry retention ratio is roughly 10-18% so that means after one year with 100 people, only 10-18 of them are left.  It’s exhausting and if that’s the deal in health and wellness companies, then no thank you!


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