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So I Google’d the 5Linkx compensation plan pdf and the first one I found was this one.


To start, I might have as well copied the compensation plan breakdown from ACN for it’s many similarities but here we go…

There are two ways to join, and many ranks.

LINX® offers prospective representatives two starting levels:
1.Customer Representative (CR)
2.Independent Marketing Representative (IMR)

In addition there are eight leadership levels:

1. Trainer (T)
2.Executive Trainer (ET)
3.Executive Director (ED)
4. National Director (ND)
5. Senior Vice President (SVP)
6. Platinum Senior Vice President (PSVP)
7. Double Platinum Senior Vice President (DPSVP)
8. Diamond Senior Vice President (DSVP)

They go on to tell you that the higher the rank you achieve, the more money you make.  “GAME-OVER” clause right away as per the Pitfalls training located here.


Again, the only reason why a company has ranks is because they can’t accord to pay out everyone the same.  Why not be in a company that has NO RANKS and pays EVERYONE the same amount, a higher amount, without having to jump through hoops and hurdles to get there.

There are ex-5Linx reps currently in the GWT business and for these ex-leaders, their challenges were:
1. Constant competition with other telecommunications company in the network marketing space and also in the regular commercial space. Pricing is very competitive.
2. Losing ranks and rebuilding the team

In 5Linx, you can get paid a residual income for your teams consumption of their services but there are 2 problems as we mentioned just above.

Again, to even get to the higher ranks, it’s a nightmare and most people can never get there.  It’s never designed for the average person.  For example, to get to PSVP, you need to build 6 different legs but not only that, you have to make sure you have the right ranked people in those legs.  To get to the highest rank, you need to build 8 different legs.  “GAME-OVER”.  Any compensation plan that requires you to build more then 2 legs, just walk away.  Why go through the trouble of trying to build 8 legs when in GWT, all you need to do is just build 2 legs!
GWT Comparision – 2 personal sponsors, one on the left, one on the right qualifies you for life. No need to maintain.

Also to mention that in 5Linx, the problem with the ranks is that if you can’t maintain your rank, your cheques go down.  If someone in your team drops their rank, you drop yours too, and when you drop your rank, you income goes down.  If someone in your team matches your rank then usually that’s a good thing but in a ranked compensation plan like 5 Linx it actually hurts you and your cheques go down.  If a team member actually surpassed your rank now you are completely in trouble!  Again, it hurts you.  While deal with all these things when at GWT you have no ranks, and you can focus 100% on the superstars that you have on your team without worrying one day that they’ll hurt you.

The more I read about 5Linx the more difficult it becomes.  I’m now at the section for Qualification Maintenance.

Qualification Maintenance
5LINX® offers multiple ways to prevent your position from “falling out of qualification” and/or re-qualifying
your position should it enter a grace period. All Earned Positions can be maintained or re-qualified by
ensuring that all Earned Position requirements as described previously are maintained. In addition
National Directors, Senior Vice Presidents and Platinum Senior Vice Presidents can maintain or re-qualify
their positions for 30 days using the following benchmarks:

National Director
Enroll 10 ED openline IMRs in one month or 25 ED openline IMRs over three
consecutive months.

Senior Vice President
Enroll 40 SVP openline IMRs in one month or 100 SVP openline IMRs over three consecutive months or
15 ND openline IMRs in one month or 40 ND openline IMRs over three consecutive months.

Platinum Senior Vice President
Enroll 50 SVP openline IMRs in one month or 120 SVP openline IMRs over three consecutive months or
25 ND openline IMRs in one month or 60 ND openline IMRs over three consecutive months

In other words, once you get there, your work isn’t done.  Now you have to work FOREVER to maintain those qualifications!  So what were to happen one day if you decided you wanted to retire… live off the passive income they so preach about?  So if you retire, but you can’t maintain your qualifications, then what happens?  Simply, you lose your money!

Residual Income

Okay, here is the meat and potatoes of any compensation plan.  In 5Linx, they pay you residual income based on services by your people.  Some quick fine print is that you have to wait 90 days after customer activation.  In GWT, what’s nice is that you can get paid weekly after someone’s 10 day cooling period is passed.  I’d rather take 10 days then 90 days anytime!  Wouldn’t you?  Next, is that they pay you a slightly higher residual income if it’s your own personal sponsored new member versus your downlines downline.  It’s too much work to go and explain every ranks residual income but we don’t even need to.  Most people never achieve the higher ranks after worked for YEARS and YEARS so why bother.  You start at 1% commission, and 2% if it’s your own, and goes up to 5%, 10%, 15% 30% but not in that order, and it’s for a reason.  Most people never hit the rank of SVP or above so it means that you’re lucky to make 5%.  Question, would you want to start with 1%, maybe get 5%, or start at 10% from day 1 forever?  I’d take 10% anytime!

The other key thing to keep in mind is that most people to sell 5Linx as a way to save on their bills.  So really, you’re now taking 1, 2 or 5% of the smallest bill in your team.  At GWT, people mostly contribute $75 or $150 into their IA to buying what they want and you’re getting 10% of that!

In a plan like 5Linx, it’s no surprise they try to have all these extra bonuses to make it seem like a lot, where as it’s really not.  Bonuses as we teach in our camp is secondary and residual MUST be primary!  An example of their bonuses is their generational bonuses where you get a bonus from people at your same rank.  Again, at GWT, we don’t have ranks so you can get bonus and residuals on everyone essentially.  Little does one understand that bonuses are not residuals.  I saw their CAB bonuses and the problem is that when too many people reach your rank, you lose these bonuses.  But to make matters worse, if you’re slow, and someone in your team gets to higher ranks then you do, then you almost never want to bother trying to start working… because you’re so far behind and all those CAB bonuses are going to people in your team, not you.

5 Linx is jammed with bonuses for people at the top because they want to give people that big cheque story.  At GWT, every bonus is equal and everyone gets them without working for them.  More importantly, at GWT, residuals are paid highly and top priority but we also have bonuses to help along the way.

Like many other companies, you can qualify for a car program but be very careful because you have to keep on qualifying.  At GWT, once achieved you get to keep your car PREPAID for 18 months and you can get it again and again.  It’s sad how many people sign up their BMW and end up having to pay for it out of their own pocket because they can’t maintain the lease payments!

All in all, 5Linx is like another ACN or Momentis and with those three, they will have people jumping from one to another while they all say they have the best.  Just like the health and wellness industry becoming more and more competitive so will theirs!


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