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Working Holiday for These LCs!

We hope everyone had an amazing time with family and friends for the holidays, and then kicked off the new year by watching all the amazing updates and announcements on the 1st! (For any that missed them, you can find the recording here)

Many kicked back and relaxed over the holidays, so we want to give some extra special credit to a few of our LCs who decided to kick off their own business,  or keep it running hot over the holidays over the past couple of weeks!

  • Michael Davidson of Peterborough, Ontario joined at the end of November and then sponsored
  • Abdulmalik Mohammed of Peterborough,  who started and has his first LC already… in Tampa,  Florida!
  • Rushane Bernard of Brampton,  Ontario – 1st LC!
  • Antonette Powankumar of Toronto,  Ontario continues to motor along with a total of 3 in December
  • Sidney Shreves and Sophie Wagner,  both from Montreal,  Quebec keep pace with each other continuing their personal enrollment of LCs – these are the kind of leaders you want to follow through the holidays!

Tune in to the Night of the Stars on Sunday night at 9:15pm to hear from some of the people across the company who made things happen in the month of December. Next time,  it could be you! There are so many excited LCs aiming very high for their personal production between now and Convention in March,  so why not join them and fall among the stars!

Convention Award Winners at Toronto Bootcamp

Congratulations to all these Convention Incentive Award Winners at the Toronto Bootcamp!

If you didn’t get recognized, it was either because you weren’t there – or because you didn’t submit your tracking sheets to the leaders so they could confirm your award! Do it now – its already past the deadline, but if you’re quick we’ll still award you!

We’ll be awarding many more at future events in California, Hong Kong, Winnipeg, and beyond! So make sure you submit your tracking sheets to one of your team leaders TODAY!

These were people who had enough qualifying new personal volume during the qualification period – and so the OurGWT leaders collectively paid them out!

Ekron Malcolm
Marilyn Duncan
Andrea Woloszanskyj
Winnie Chan
Janet Fung
Julie Mak
Brian Arrindell wasn't there - but was a recent birthday boy!
Alice Ko

Build Your Team in Asia: Asian Expansion Webinars Have Arrived!

We are so excited that the Elite Dragon Team are working together to make the upcoming Hong Kong – GWT Asia Launch as successful as possible, and to help everyone build toward this momentous event, the leaders will be putting on daily webinars focused on the Asian market! Now is the time to get your Asian business moving!

Talk to everyone in your team about who they know in Hong Kong, or Cantonese speakers throughout Asia!

And talk to everyone about English speakers they have in Asia, because the Wednesday night (HKT) webinar is in English, which means that any English speakers anywhere in Asia could be on that call!

And for those of you on the West Coast of North America, or looking to expand there through the natural ties to Asia, pay special attention to which times work well for Pacific Time! Whether that is in California or Vancouver or elsewhere, its time to build your team!

See all these Webinars in the “GWT Asia Calendar” in the official event calendar, and find the link in the Description field to send to your interested prospects:


Here is the new schedule,

effective today Tuesday February 22nd, through Saturday March 12th:


9:30pm HKT: Recorded Cantonese Next 30 Days Training

8:00pm EST/5:00pm PST: Simulcast Leadership Training from GWT Head Office


9:00am HKT: Simulcast Leadership Training from GWT Head Office

9:00pm HKT/8:00 am EST/5:00am PST Cantonese Live Tour


9:00pm HKT/8:00 am EST/5:00am PST English Live Tour


9:00pm HKT/8:00 am EST/5:00am PST Cantonese Live Tour

10:00pm EST/7:00pm PST Cantonese Live Tour Simulcast from the Office


11:00am HKT: Cantonese Live Tour Simulcast from the Office


3:00pm HKT/2:00am EST/11pm Friday Night PST Cantonese Live Tour


3:00pm HKT/2:00am EST/11pm Saturday Night PST Cantonese Live Tour

9:00pm HKT/8:00am EST/5:00am PST Cantonese Leadership Training

Note: in the week of Convention there will be no webinars from Thursday March 3rd – Sunday March 6th, other than the Official GWT Sunday Night Webinar Recap of Convention on the 6th.

March 13th and beyond:

Note: In North America we move to Daylight Time on Sunday March 13th. After that point, the schedule changes slightly to the following:


9:30pm HKTRecorded Cantonese Next 30 Days Training

8:00pm EDT/5:00pm PDT: Simulcast Leadership Training from GWT Head Office


8:00am HKT: Simulcast Leadership Training from GWT Head Office

9:00pm HKT/9:00 am EDT/6:00am PDT Cantonese Live Tour


9:00pm HKT/9:00 am EDT/6:00am PDT English Live Tour


9:00pm HKT/9:00 am EDT/6:00am PDT Cantonese Live Tour

10:00pm EDT/7:00pm PDT Cantonese Live Tour Simulcast from the Office


10:00am HKT: Cantonese Live Tour Simulcast from the Office


2:00pm HKT/2:00am EDT/11pm Friday Night PDT Cantonese Live Tour


2:00pm HKT/2:00am EDT/11pm Saturday Night PDT Cantonese Live Tour

9:00pm HKT/9:00am EDT/6:00am PDT Cantonese Leadership Training

Some Early Qualifiers for Free Convention Tickets!

Here’s a partial list of just a few of the people who have already qualified for either a partial or full Convention ticket thanks to the OurGWT/Elite Expansion Team Leaders! Great job everyone!

With the pre-Convention Tour only 10 days away, you still have time to qualify – but you need to get moving!

Congrats Convention Full Pass Winners (Personally brought through $6000 of volume since November 20th):

  • Sonia Garcia, San Jose California
  • Julie Mok, Toronto, Canada
  • Lori Johnson, Winnipeg Canada

Congrats to the partial Convention Incentive winners:

  • Mariam Adam, Brampton, Canada
  • Terrace Ellis, San Jose, California
  • Brian Arrindell, Toronto, Canada
  • Andrea Woloszanskyj, Toronto Canada
  • Kelly Ferreira, Winnipeg, Canada
  • Lior Skaler, Richmond Hill, Canada
  • Millie Wong, Richmond Hill, Canada
  • Ekron Malcolm, Toronto, Canada
  • Maria Ghaderi, Richmond, Hill Canada
  • Nicole Martin, Montreal, Canada
  • Nicole Atanasoaie, Mississauga, Canada
  • Joanne Rempel, Winnipeg, Canada
  • Courtney White, Winnipeg, Canada
  • Grace Poon, Hong Kong
  • Fansy Lo, Hong Kong
  • Marilyn Duncan,  Pickering, Canada
  • Lior Naor, Richmond Hill, Canada

How do you qualify?


See you all in Convention – let us pay for your ticket!

Merry Christmas from OurGWT – Could There Be a Free Convention Ticket Under the Tree?

We want to wish everyone everywhere a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza or any other holidays they have just celebrated or will in these next few weeks! This time of year is great for spending time with the loved ones among your family and friends, and reflecting back on all the great things that have happened this year.

Its also a great time to plan for an amazing 2011, and one of those things you can be working toward is a free ticket to the 2011 GWT World Convention in Toronto, courtesy of the leaders of your team!

All of the leaders of the Elite Expansion Team and the GWT Nations Teams – both a part of the OurGWT Family have combined together to put on this amazing incentive so that everyone who hits the target can get a free ticket! Convention is such a key part of your business, with many great leaders and Top Earners really tracing their true success back to attending Convention. We want to make sure as many people can come as possible – and you should want the same for your team. Make sure they know about it!

REWARD: Free Early-Bird Incentive Ticket ($499 value) to the 2011 GWT World Convention

HOW: Personally enrol $6000 worth of volume between Nov 21st, 2010 and Feb 17th, 2011.

WHAT COUNTS: Any new members you enrol from Nov 21st to Feb 17th count for the package they started with. Yes, that’s a bonus for people who already enrolled members in the past month!

$100 Gold

$500 Titanium Rebate

$750 Titanium

$1750 Platinum Rebate

$2250 Platinum

Upgrades DO count for members that started during that period, and they count for upgrades that hit the system before Sunday February 27th, 2011. So if someone started as Retailer, but upgraded to Platinum on Feb 26th, they would count as $2250.

HOW TO REDEEM: e-mail ourgwt@gmail.com or your local leader with the following:

Your Name

Your GWT ID #

Names of the people you enrolled during the period

Their start date

Their GWT ID#

Their Package – and any applicable rebates.

We will be paying these out as people qualify – awarding them at local bootcamps or on calls, as well as recognizing them here – so the sooner you qualify, the sooner you get your ticket purchased – or reimbursed for the ticket that you already bought since everyone should be buying a ticket!

So as few as 3 Platinums could not only make you some nice money, but get you a free Convention ticket!

If you haven’t listened to it already and want some Holiday Networker tips to kickstart your incentive period, listen to the recorded webinar in InfoCentral, and get your team members to watch it too!

Send in Your Standings for the OurGWT Cruise Incentive!

We need your help!

We’re more than mid-way through our qualification period for several free cruises in January! The contest started May 1st, and it goes until October 25th.

Please fill in this survey for us so we can do some updated standings and let people know where they stand!


Remember that you get 1 point for each new Gold/Titanium/Platinum that you enrolled during that period,

2 points for each new Gold/Titanium/Platinum that they enrolled,

and 3 points for each new Gold/Titanium/Platinum THEY (your new 2nd generation) enrolled.

But it all started from new people you enrolled during the period – existing 1st to 2nd generation prior to May 1st don’t count.

And to answer two questions:

1) Yes, when a retailer who enrolled during the period enrolls someone, they DO count for you.

2) Yes, when a retailer who enrolled during the period upgrades to a full package, they DO count for you as well.

Full rules are here on OurGWT.

OurGWT Galleries Back Online!

Have you ever checked out the OurGWT Photo Galleries?

We’ve got some new albums recently loaded like recent trips to Alberta and Sint Maarten, as well as many old favourites a little better organized! Check them out – you might see some top leaders, or even members of your team!

If you have photos from an event you’d like to get added to the gallery, please e-mail Monica or Jamie or the ourgwt gmail account and we’ll get connected with you!

OurGWT Forum is Back Online! Links to Favourite Trainings!

Its back! It took a lot of work and wrestling with the server and the settings, but its back!

If you haven’t registered, please do so. If you have registered in the past, please log back in! There’s so much archived training, as well as compensation plan comparisons, and its a great place to ask questions and get access to the answers to many frequently asked questions.

And if you registered and were never able to login, please send an e-mail to the ourgwt gmail account with your:

Full Name

Forum username


so we can activate you as quickly as possible!

Get all your new members who have joined since early July to register for the forum ASAP – direct them to www.ourgwt.com/support.html so they can get themselves registered for both the forum and our Newsletter!

Since people have been asking – here’s a few old favourites that people like to go to in the Forum – and now you can get back to them:

Responses to Common Objections from Top Leaders

Post-Tour Success by Osman Nur

Who is Oliver Koncz? Understanding his Past and his Integrity

Rejection-Free Approaches

Prospecting Professionals

Special Limited Time Offer – Reserve Your OurGWT Cruise Cabin for Just $50 Deposit!

This is a Special for a Limited Time and Space Only! Once it runs out, its gone!

This cruise is so popular that the cruise company wants our cabins (rooms)! Yet they want our group to have first chance to keep them. For a limited time and space only, on a first come first serve, YOU CAN HOLD A CABIN FOR JUST $50, instead of the $500 you normally need!

So reserve your cabin now before it’s too late and ensure your chances to receive our group discount rate – and access to all our training and fun on the OurGWT 2nd Annual Training Cruise!

Contact Tera-Lee Dodsworth at (780) 417-8833 or email ptldodsworth@telus.net to get your cabin now.

Cabins are also transferable. Reserve your cabin by emailing or faxing the application form to Tera-Lee.

And don’t forget that once you book, you’re automatically eligible for the OurGWT cruise team olympic game incentive, with details at http://www.ourgwt.com/teamincentives.html

Act now, so you can join us in the sun next January! And we don’t know when the reserved cabins will run out, or when Royal Caribbean will take back our spaces – so book today!