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OurGWT Forum is Back Online! Links to Favourite Trainings!

Its back! It took a lot of work and wrestling with the server and the settings, but its back!

If you haven’t registered, please do so. If you have registered in the past, please log back in! There’s so much archived training, as well as compensation plan comparisons, and its a great place to ask questions and get access to the answers to many frequently asked questions.

And if you registered and were never able to login, please send an e-mail to the ourgwt gmail account with your:

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so we can activate you as quickly as possible!

Get all your new members who have joined since early July to register for the forum ASAP – direct them to www.ourgwt.com/support.html so they can get themselves registered for both the forum and our Newsletter!

Since people have been asking – here’s a few old favourites that people like to go to in the Forum – and now you can get back to them:

Responses to Common Objections from Top Leaders

Post-Tour Success by Osman Nur

Who is Oliver Koncz? Understanding his Past and his Integrity

Rejection-Free Approaches

Prospecting Professionals

4 Ingredients to a Successful Organization

Do you want to know some keys to having a successful organization? Or did you recently see Executive Vice President Osman Nur or OurGWT Ambassador Jamie Maltman give their training on the 4 key components, but you wanted the slides so you could train your team and pass on the message? You probably have great notes, but the slides would be better, and as a leader you know that you want to constantly learn and apply knowledge, and then teach it to others so they can become successful!

Get them in the Forum!

Learning from Osman’s Tremendous Post-Tour Success

Our Executive Vice President Osman Nur did a phenomenal training this Saturday morning at 11:40pm – both at the World Headquarters and via the Conference Line. Osman has such amazing experience and tools and techniques to share with us, and we want everyone to get access to it!

Everyone needs to listen to this training – you’ll be learning fundamental skills about how to make your post-tour process as successful as Osman’s – by making sure to listen to people and answer the questions that really matter to them, as well as sharing the vision for the company going, and how the opportunity can truly benefit them.

If you missed it, you’re in luck! We have the full transcript in the forum.

But that’s not all – here is the link to the audio on InfoCentral. Its a long download, and you’ll need to login before you can reach the file – just like anything else on InfoCentral.

Get your whole team to listen to this call, or at least read the transcript, and you’ll see your success skyrocket as you put it all into place. And it shows just how valuable our FREE Saturday morning trainings are for expanding your business!

Leadership Training by Osman Nur

At the April Toronto Boot Camp, Executive Vice President Osman Nur delivered a great training on Leadership, and how to be the best Network Marketing should be a Way of Life. Both parts include 5 Key Steps for you to be aware of, follow, and duplicate with your team. You’ll want to review the notes and share them with your budding leaders in your organization!

And as usual, you can find the recap & notes in the Training Centre on the OurGWT Forum.

GWT MasterCard Debit Card: FAQ

We’re all excited about the new GWT MasterCard Debit Card and the possibilities that it creates for us and our teams around the world – now and in the future… but we also have questions.

So as always, corporate brought us a great round of answers on the Sunday Night Leadership Call with Osman Nur, Executive Vice President.

Personally, I’m most excited about being able to pay our members easily and promptly overseas, and bringing credit cards to people that don’t have them – especially so they can pay their SAC easily in future!

The details, as always, are in the Forum.

Global Wealth Trade

What an incredible testimonial about our business, products and the corporate team that works tirelessly for the vision we all share, each and every day. Great job Sean! You do our business proud!

When my oldest son was born I felt from the moment I looked into his eyes that he born for greatness. Then when my younger son was born I had that same feeling once again.

I also believed it was my duty to walk the path that they could one day follow and surpass as opposed to not pursuing my dreams but then one day telling them to pursue theirs. I know they would be much more inclined to follow what I did as opposed to what I say.

I then started searching for a vehicle to take me on my path because one thing from my experience working at a bank was that none of the portfolios of truly successful people had come through a job.

I came across many different vehicles some of which were legitimate and some of which looked like a scam. None of them that I came across though from the numbers ever made sense that regular people with 9 to 5 jobs, children, commitments to church, community and otherwise could actually achieve success through them.

Finally 18 months ago I came across an opportunity that finally I knew was real in the industry of direct sales and network marketing that was endorsed by former President Bill Clinton –http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_eGbfTPbGY

First of all it featured a real product. A product that has been around for 5000 years and has been passed down from generation to generation. One that I saw all of the very successful had as part of their portfolio and even CNN recommended – http://www.globalwealthtrade.com/infocentral/documentation2/PPT/cnnclip.html

How beautiful when I can buy a product to wear and enjoy and safeguard for my son for the next 60 years – http://www.globalwealthtrade.com/products/displayItem.php?category=19&item=3304

Then the compensation plan http://www.globalwealthtrade.com/opportunity_compensationplan.php was truly one that anyone can achieve success without the restrictions and qualifications in other plans that have kept so many from achieving success.

A plan that offers the person joining the program today the possibility to earn the same amount as someone who joined 4 years ago. Normally one would have to go through many ranks and qualifications to be in the position to earn what someone 4 years ahead of you would.

Also because our product has up to 350% profit margin it pays out a lot more (70%) and requires a whole lot less effort and size team to make money.

Imagine having a team of under 200 and making enough money to buy yourself a Jaguar like a Valet Car Parker in less than 6 months and already making plans to leave your job for good.

Imagine having a team of 500 and making a high four to low five figure income every month to help with your mission to save the poor in Mozambique like a Pastor in one year.

Imagine having a team of a 1000 and making a five figure income every month that is more than some people make in a year at their job and being able to retire 3 Computer Programmers from high paying jobs in one year.

In all cases what these people achieved happened by being able to earn income that was 5 to 10 times more than the payout for similar effort in the industry and that would have required teams up to 10 times larger to make the same money elsewhere.

They achieved it worldwide in 25 countries because of the systems and tools and support that Global Wealth Trade provides and makes possible for anyone anywhere to have success.

Also the amazing people and friendships one gets to form in a quality company like this from Pastors to Doctors to Lawyers to Government Officials to Police to Bankers to Hair Dressers to Housewives to Students to Nurses and a whole lot more.

Positive people from age 18 to 68 who want to make a difference in their lives by truly helping others to make a difference in their lives.

One is blessed to work directly with young Mothers who want to stay home and raise their babies, older care givers who want to enjoy and not struggle in their retirement years and young waitresses who have the drive and desire to change their life and their families lives among so many others.

Finally though what made this program real and viable for me was the incredible corporate team and I will speak about the 3 amazing members of our corporate team who you can see right her on Facebook.

Our CEO and Founder Ramin Mesgarlou is an ex pro athlete-and with an exceptional business pedigree. His family has been in the jewellery-manufacturing business for over 100 years. Ramin has been in the direct selling industry since 1990, as a full-time distributor for 12 of those years (10 of which earned him a six-figure income). He has been the top performer for four direct selling companies and built organizations with over 30,000 distributors in 15 countries. Ramin thinks big! He was President of a direct selling company in 2003 and Vice President of a media company in 2000. During his time in the direct selling industry, he created compensation plans for four industry businesses. He is now an acknowledge expert on the subject. Ramin believes that, “there are two main reasons why most dedicated distributors receive trivial loyalty cheques instead of significant royalty cheques