***** Amb *****
Congratulations to super ladies Tania and Katrina from the high powered Team Aussie for becoming the latest to achieve the Ambassador status and qualifying for the Ambassador cruise.
RA and Exotic vacation in 6 months or less ladies, LETS GO.
Interesting friendly competition going on in Australia as THREE Ambassadors have emerged back to back so its a race to see who will get to Regional Ambassador first.

Zija Compensation Plan Comparison now on OURGWT! GWT still undefeated!

Hello GWT Family,

As some of you have requested, here is the comparison with Zija.  Again, you don’t need to understand or read it all but just know that GWT will always be the winner in these comparisons because we simply have natural high profit margin products, and a CEO that wants to pay out more to the field!!!


Have fun!


***** NEW REGIONAL AMBASSADOR – Nigeria ***** Congratulations to Toyin Ibidun Gift


***** NEW REGIONAL AMBASSADOR – Nigeria *****
Congratulations to Toyin Ibidun Gift for achieving the elite level of Regional Ambassador in just 18 months. This is the SEVENTH Regional Ambassador in less than two years in Nigeria.
We look forward to spend some time with you Toyin at the RA exotic vacation at one of the best resorts in the world.
Way to lead Toyin & Team Nigeria.
See poster & To The Billion.