2015 FERI Shield and Optical “Italy Edition” NOW AVAILABLE!!!

The gorgeous 2015 FERI Shield and Optical – “Italy Edition” is now available in your galleries. WIth the approaching spring and summer and the special pricing, they won’t last long.
Happy shopping.



Proper Product Mindset Training now on OurGWT

Hello GWT Family,

As usual, all trainings are sorted alphabetically on the left banner from A to Z.

Last night’s training on Proper Product Mindset is also now there too.



How to clean your FERI products training video now on OURGWT!


MLM companies inside deals that you NEVER hear about

Hello GWT Family,

I felt that this post is something that all of you should see.  This is the type of stuff some top leaders know about, that our GWT CEO knows about and is 100% is against!  What I am talking about is a most recent lawsuit against Jeunesse from one of their previous distributors who apparently according to the information was terminated with no warning.  In my opinion, the main issue with private deals from companies to select individuals is one thing, but when people start making claims of their income based on these inside deals, it’s NOT okay.  What happens is that people who attend their meetings might hear these individuals bragging about how much they made in their first few months… but it’s not REAL!!!  They don’t mention that they got a private deal!   This is the start of this litigation and you can stay tuned through mlmhelpdesk.com




The below is a screenshot of a few pages from http://www.scribd.com/doc/256401499/Nestler-vs-Jeunesse

IMG_3030  IMG_3031IMG_3032

Special Interview with Emmy Award Winner Doug Davidson and his ‘rollercoasters’

This locker room conversation is WHAT YOU NEED.

After a long day of shooting the MEGA Tour “Live Your Dreams” with Hollywood legend Doug Davidson, we sat by the bar in the GWT world headquarters’ lounge to share a drink. This video was not planned but as usual when I sit with extraordinary individuals, I won’t miss an opportunity to ask questions and share ideas. The camera crew just walked up on us to take few background footage but the conversation was too deep so he kept on rolling to your benefits.

The day before Doug had said to me “I admire entrepreneurs like you who have what it takes to take an idea and build it in to something giant”. What Doug wasn’t aware of is that he has the exact same attributes as entrepreneurs do for him to be able to win the world series of acting “Emmy awards”. It became an amazing conversation and his artistic way of communicating is nothing short of brilliant.
This is an every morning or before bed MUST watch material for all, in particularly if something in life has you discouraged. What an UPLIFTING conversation, from the thousands of trainings and videos I have done over the past 26 years, the message in this short video is the difference between DO or DIE so watch it often because every time you watch it, you just get it that much more.

Enjoy and share with the discouraged and the hopeful.

This video is the presentation of The Forensic Networker and can be viewed on The Forensic Networker Nation FaceBook page. Click, enjoy, share.




*****2015 Live Your Dreams Power Tour starts with Italy*****

Team Italy are you READY to meet one of the most powerful women in the industry? Are your candidates ready? Because this event will be EPIC. Tell you boss you will be busy on these dates so you can spend as much time with GWT’s, Sr. Vice President Sanaz Hooman and more importantly for your guests to be meeting and spending time with Sanaz. This maybe the only time Italy will Host Sanaz Hooman in 2015 so DON”T MISS THE OPPORTUNITY to ADVANCE your momentum to the next level.
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NEW NA Comfort Negedu CONGRATS!!!!!!!!

***** The FIRST lady NATIONAL AMBASSADOR EVER – Nigeria*****
WOW – Monumental achievement by a leader that has accomplished it all. Congratulations to Ambassador Comfort Negedu for joining Ambassador Reza Mesgarlou and Rene Liaw in GWT’s super exclusive NA club and the GWT ‘s unprecedented Luxury Club. Will it be a Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Range Rover, Jag, Cadillac … its nice ton have choices.
Congratulations Comfort, GA and the Exotic Club are next.
See posters.




*****Product Of The Month – NMBJ*****
For the THIRD time in 4 years, GWT and it’s world class designer goods are featured on the 30 + year old publication Network Marketing Business Journal.



This is the Part 2 Bootcamp of 3 sections and it’s a MUST ATTEND FOR YOUR BUSINESS!!!  All leaders never miss a bootcamp!!! SEE YOU THERE!!!

NEW Ambassador Reynaldo Delan!! CONGRATS!!!


Simply AWESOME, GWT Europe is on the move.
We have been seeing Italy rise up in our list of top countries month after month for the past few months and we are now happy to congratulate the leader responsible for the Italy movement. Congratulate to Reynaldo Delan for achieving the level of Ambassador by leading Team Italy to the forefront of the GWT European markets.