CONGRATULATIONS to Dr. Anthony Oseghale from Nigeria for achieving the status of Ambassador


***** NEW AMBASSADOR – Nigeria *****
CONGRATULATIONS to Dr. Anthony Oseghale from Nigeria for achieving the status of Ambassador. Way to lead Doctor and set the pace for your team. Regional Ambassador next in 6 months and qualify for the EXOTIC RA VACATION.
Congratulations again.
Stay Forensic and To The Billion.
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Australia on the rise!!


Australia on the rise!!
Australia has set their targets for the top spot and are taking massive action.
Join special Guest Ronen Tiffon and Ambassador Stacy Renata in Perth for a life changing 3 day city tour.
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Congrats Nigeria NEWEST and FASTEST National Ambassador – AbdurRazaq Abdul-Aziz!!!!


18 months is all it took for Ambassador AbdurRazaq Abdul-Aziz to achieve the super elite status of National Ambassador and the latest to qualify for the GWT exclusive Luxury Car Club. This is the second National Ambassador in less than 6 months to come out of Team Nigeria.
As GWT business evolves for the better in all capacities, this provides an opportunity for stars like Abdur to excel and set new records and in doing so pave a new path for others to follow. It will be interesting to see who will be GWT’s first Global Ambassador and Exotic Club qualifier.
Congratulations Ambassador AbdurRazaq, what a leadership you have displayed which is the core reason why you have one of the fastest growing organizations in the world.
Global Ambassador & Exotic Club before 2016.
To The Billion.

CONGRATULATIONS to Cherry Li from Toronto for achieving the elite status of Regional Ambassador (RA)


***** NEW REGIONAL AMBASSADOR – Canada *****
CONGRATULATIONS to Cherry Li from Toronto for achieving the elite status of Regional Ambassador (RA). It only took THIRTEEN MONTHS (13) for Cherry to place herself amongst the elite in the GWT global leadership and qualify for the EXOTIC RA VACATION.
Cherry, you are a champion, keep changing lives and lets get to National Ambassador (NA) over the next 6 months.
Stay Forensic and To The Billion.