GWT VP of Products Ms. Sanaz Hooman’s Product Training

Did you miss the INCREDIBLE PRODUCT training by Vice President of Product Development Ms. Sanaz Hooman?

If so, LUCKY YOU it’s recorded and now permanently on

Please click below for the link.

Next 30 Days Training by GWT CEO Ramin Mesgarlou NOW LIVE on OurGWT

Hi everyone,

If you missed last night’s INSANE training on the Next 30 Days with GWT CEO Mr. Ramin Mesgarlou, lucky for you that we recorded it and it’s also now PERMANENTLY on OurGWT!  Please click below to see the link.

This link is found at the top banner so that everyone can get to it right AWAY!

To the billion!



GWT CEO Ramin Mesgarlou launches the NEW NEXT 30 DAYS!!!

GWT Family, please mark down on your calendars, Tuesday, April 8th, 2014 our very own GWT CEO will be training the NEW NEXT 30 DAYS TRAINING!!!

Business Expense Tax Template now includes Promotion

The existing tax template has now been updated to include a ‘Promotion’ row.  The link is at the very bottom of the link below.  Please click to view.


Hello GWT FAMILY!   In my past 6 years of being with Global Wealth Trade, the company has had almost one OFFICE EXPANSION every year because of the enormous GROWTH!!!

Click to see the flyer.

This coming May 2, is the HeadQuarters Expansion Party and you need to RSVP to!




CONGRATS TO OUR LATEST 10K Club members Hauwa Bello Aliyu and Comfort Negedu!!!  Thank you for showing what is possible at GWT!!!
Hauwa Comfort

Compensation Plans Made Easy – Ambassador Rene Liaw

Compensation Plans made Easy!!! Join me on tonight’s Sunday night Leadership Call as I share with you SUPER SIMPLE questions to ASK, SUPER SIMPLE concepts and you’ll sound like AN EXPERT!!
9:15pm EST SHARP tonight!! SEE YOU ON THE CALL!!!

2013 National Women Show – Toronto Video Highlights

Regional Ambassador Lior Skaler on TOUR (Toronto, Montreal)


Regional Ambassador Maria Ghaderi in Europe Tours!