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Big Al Training at the Markham IRC

What a great night of training!

After meeting veteran network marketing training Tom “Big Al” Schreiter at his “Super Closing” seminar in

November, Jamie was able to secure his time for a GWT-only training event on January 15th at the Markham

Independent Regional Centre. There were so many interested GWT members that we had to set up the AV equipment to broadcast the training into a 2nd room, which was also jam-packed! Thanks to Edison for setting up the video and audio feeds! In total we had 77 members for the training, and Big Al didn’t disappoint. And the Markham IRC was set up perfectly by Tracy & Patricia to accomadate the huge crowd. We look forward to lots of future training events too – our plan is to have a training there every Thursday night. Jan 29th Rene will be doing a tax training.

The training was on “Rejection-free Approaching” and while we weren’t able to record it, we’re going to do a training soon on the information so that OurGWT team members across the country can get access too!

Thanks Big Al, and we suggest that if you want to see more of his information, you join his free mailing list for free network marketing training at

AUDIO TRAINING: Advance Momentum in 2009 with VP of Product Development Sanaz Hooman

We hope everyone had as wonderful a holiday season as we enjoyed with our family and friends. After a relaxing time like that, it can be a little slow getting back into the swing of things, especially with your own business – where you’re in control.

Lucky for us, our incredible Vice-President of Product Development Sanaz Hooman gave an excellent training on January 3rd at the GWT World Headquarters on Advancing Momentum in Your Business in 2009. For those of you who don’t know her, Sanaz Hooman is an incredible member of our corporate team. Not only does she have a track record of success and strong education in international business and network marketing, but she was actually a top income earner in her previous program, and became the top income earner in GWT and won the 2007 President’s Cup as a distributor. So before she was in charge of product development and so many operational areas of the company, she was a VERY successful distributor herself. We’ve taken every opportunity we can to learn from her, and pass it on to our team, and so should you.

So you’re probably upset that you missed the Saturday morning training live, right? Well lucky for you, we’ve got the recorded audio of the training up on the InfoCentral, so you and your team can all listen to it.

This is a MUST LISTEN audio training, and you’ll want to have a notepad out to take down all the action steps you need to take to get your business off on the right foot in 2009 – and get yourself qualified for our conference incentives!

Advance Momentum in 2009 with Sanaz Hooman

New Audio Trainings on InfoCentral!!

A lot of the recent audio trainings from Sunday night 9:15pm ET Leadership calls and even some Saturday morning 11:40am ET Training Calls have been recorded, converted, and now added to InfoCentral! Make sure you listen to the ones you missed, and re-listen to some of the great ones that you want to apply to your business!

  • GWT 2008 Successes by Ramin Mesgarlou, CEO
  • Building A Home-based Business (script) by Reza Mesgarlou, Founding Member & Top Income Earner
  • Night of the Stars, Hosted by Ramin Mesgarlou, CEO, Featuring November’s Top Income Earners
  • GWT Car Program by Ramin Mesgarlou, CEO
  • Back Office Online Sign-up by Nenad Calma, Chief Technology Officer
  • Dress for Success by Steve Rowe, Founding Member
  • InfoCentral by Jamie Maltman, Founding Member, OurGWT Team Leader, Top Income Earner & President’s Cup Winner
  • How an 18 year old OurGWT Team Member Made $9200 in November!

    We wanted to recognize Cherry Cheung, one of our up and coming your stars in the OurGWT team. She had an amazing month – reaching #4 on the Top Earners list, and it looks like she’ll very soon be in the exclusive 10K club!

    Here’s her success story:

    I was overjoyed when I realized I was on the top income earners list!

    Coming into GWT, I didn’t have many expectations. I just wanted to learn and apply the knowledge I obtained from school into a real business and network with successful people.

    When I joined GWT in late August, I was only 17 and actually needed parental consent to join. GWT challenged me to take initiative and step out of my comfort zone, regardless of my age.

    Now, as an 18 year old full time student studying Business at U of T, I balance school and work by devoting my weekends to presenting at the office. I spend around an hour on weekdays sending emails out to my mother’s friends, aunties, uncles and older friends of mine. I have already learned so much from this business and I learn even more when I’m around my upline. I’d like to thank Osanna for bringing me into this business, Tammy, Sherry, Chris and Rene for constantly supporting and encouraging me. I’d also like to thank the corporate team for being so patient with my questions. Without my upline and the corporate team support, I would not have the confidence or knowledge needed to pursue this business.

    I would also like to thank my downlines, especially Clarice, You and Me, Amy, Tracy, Patricia and Cindy for all your hard work! It is all thanks to my downline for working so hard when I am busy at school. Most of all, I would like to thank my mom for constantly supporting and helping me in every aspect of my life, especially in GWT. I think every young person should join GWT! It is very important for us young people to keep an open mind and always search for opportunities to learn and enhance ourselves! It is difficult to take the first step out of your comfort zone, but once you do, you will realize that many people in GWT are supporting you! I personally sponsored 8 people and there are around 140 members under me. If an 18 year old can be successful in this business, anyone can!

    Thanks Cherry for your inspiring story! We’re proud of your success, and excited that we could help you along! We can’t wait to help even more people in our team do the same! This truly is a business for people of all ages and backgrounds!

    Our Team Conference Incentive

    Starting Nov 28, 2008 and ending Feb 15, 2009, inclusive.
    You and your personal sponsors must be on monthly SAC.
    Awards are determined after the deadline and reimbursements are issued at that time.
    Members are responsible for tracking their qualifications and notifying Jamie, Rene or Monica; who will then verify the volume through their back office.

    First Award : 5,000 1st Generation Total Volume.
    Conference ticket for free.
    Note: You can always give/transfer this winning to a close friend, family that you want to attend the conference.

    Second Award : 10,000 1st Generation Total Volume
    Includes the first level award, includes 2 night standard hotel stay at the conference.
    Note: Rooms have 2 queen size beds so you can share this room with your team.

    Grand Award: 24,000 1st Generation Total Volume
    Includes first and second level awards, and is EITHER
    – a reimbursement for your flight from Edmonton or Calgary to Toronto OR
    – you can choose to upgrade your room to the Corner or Presidential Suite
    Note: The first 10 winners receive the Grand Award.

    How to Track Your Qualification
    Members can track their qualifications through their back office by following these steps:
    1. Click on “Team Report”
    2. In General Options, replace “Description” with “By Enroller”
    3. Select “By Enroller (This will display all personally enrolled people in ONE LINE)”
    4. Click on “Organizational Chart” button
    5. Once this is created, click on the “By Enroller” link that just appeared.
    6. The first line that appears represents all the people who you personally introduced to the business. Starting with members who’s start date is on or after Nov 28, 2008, count how many Platinum, Titanium and Gold members have joined your organization in your first line.
    7. Now, when you check next time, you only need to click on the “By Enroller” link (steps 5 and onwards)

    How to Submit for Your Award
    Email your list of names and IDs of your personal sponsors between Nov 28, 2008 and Feb 15, 2008 (inclusive) along with the starting volume.
    If someone started as a retailer between Nov 28, 2008 and Feb 15, 2008 (inclusive) and then upgraded to a package, they also count!

    OurGWT has a Millionaire Mind!

    What a weekend! Led by Sherry Zhao and Tammy Fung, the OurGWT team was out in force at the Millionaire Mind Intensive in Toronto.

    Tammy and Monica collaborated to create some amazing golden goose shirts that our team wore to promote the business, and really feel like a team! Everybody knew who we were, and were excited about the buzz.

    We even welcomed a few new members at the event – people were so excited to find out how to be a part of our team, and learn how to make MASSIVE PASSIVE INCOME that they were beating down our door to see a tour. So we of course obliged, and a personal tour turned into a group tour for 15 people during lunch on Saturday. So we all made some great new contacts, and people are coming by the office every day to get more information.

    But the most exciting thing for those of us going for the first time was just how much of an impact the event had on us. Peak Potentials does a great job, and our trainer Kieron Sweeney was fantastic. Everyone stretched their minds, clarified their visions, and worked on our minds to create a foundation for massive wealth – and GWT is going to be a major vehicle to get us all there. If you haven’t gone before, this event is a MUST if you want to take your business and passive income to a new level!

    I’m so excited to have had the chance to share this amazing event with our team, and can’t wait to take even more people next time. And to more cities!

    Thanks everyone who came to share in this amazing experience, and I’m even more excited to be working with all of you in the coming months and years.

    You all have Millionaire Minds!

    Self-Service Online Tours!

    Today I have a very special announcement to make:

    We now have fully self-service online tours on OurGWT – conducted by myself, Jamie Maltman.

    We’ve wanted to do this for a while, you’ve been asking for it, and now its become a reality.

    From our main website, click on Take Our Tour and you’ll find yourself with the online version of the English and Chinese slides, including the newly streamlined Compensation Plan Breakdown!

    This is a powerful tool that you can use in many different ways:

    1. Take your business anywhere! We used it this weekend for a contact in the Ukraine – with the power of the internet, your guest can see everything wherever they are, whenever they have the time. They can write down their questions for you so that you can go through your own story, and go through the survey and closing with them – either by yourself or more powerfully on a 3-way call with another teammember!
    2. You could meet a prospect in person, but play the MP3 audio as you flip through the slides and draw out the compensation plan example. This enables you to do an in-person tour whenever you want – then just set up a 3-way call for more testimonials or upline support on closing!
    3. You can train yourself! Listen to it online, or download the MP3 and use it to learn and practice!

    We want to give you all the support we can so that you can take your business to the next level – wherever you are, and wherever you want to take this incredible business!

    If you have any feedback, or would like to send in or record a testimonial for our site, please let us know!

    Welcome to OurGalleries!

    Our galleries are up and running, and you can visit them from our main page, or here.

    We’ll let you know in the blog when we add new photos – since this is the beginning of our team site, we’ve got a lot of pictures from past events we want to share with you!

    This time around we’ve got photos from:


    Oct 2008 Toronto
    Sep 2008 Saskatoon
    Sept 2008 Saskatoon
    Aug 2008 Red Deer
    Aug 2008 Red Deer
    Sept 2008 Toronto
    Sept 2008 Toronto
     Aug 2008  Toronto
    Aug 2008 Toronto

    Team Events:

    Sept 2008 Night of the Stars
    Sept 2008 Night of the Stars
    July 2008 Sanazs Birthday
    July 2008 Sanaz's Birthday
    Jun 2008 Team Karaoke
    Jun 2008 Team Karaoke
    May 2008 Ramins Birthday
    May 2008 Ramin's Birthday

    City Tours:

    Aug 2008 Alberta - Canmore, Red Deer & Sylvan Lake
    Aug 2008 Alberta - Canmore, Red Deer & Sylvan Lake

    Welcome to OurGWT!

    We’re finally up and running, and will be rolling out news, content, recognition and much much more over the coming days, weeks, and months!

    This site is dedicated to helping our members achieve their dreams, and the success they deserve. Welcome!