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Our Team Conference Incentive

Starting Nov 28, 2008 and ending Feb 15, 2009, inclusive.
You and your personal sponsors must be on monthly SAC.
Awards are determined after the deadline and reimbursements are issued at that time.
Members are responsible for tracking their qualifications and notifying Jamie, Rene or Monica; who will then verify the volume through their back office.

First Award : 5,000 1st Generation Total Volume.
Conference ticket for free.
Note: You can always give/transfer this winning to a close friend, family that you want to attend the conference.

Second Award : 10,000 1st Generation Total Volume
Includes the first level award, includes 2 night standard hotel stay at the conference.
Note: Rooms have 2 queen size beds so you can share this room with your team.

Grand Award: 24,000 1st Generation Total Volume
Includes first and second level awards, and is EITHER
– a reimbursement for your flight from Edmonton or Calgary to Toronto OR
– you can choose to upgrade your room to the Corner or Presidential Suite
Note: The first 10 winners receive the Grand Award.

How to Track Your Qualification
Members can track their qualifications through their back office by following these steps:
1. Click on “Team Report”
2. In General Options, replace “Description” with “By Enroller”
3. Select “By Enroller (This will display all personally enrolled people in ONE LINE)”
4. Click on “Organizational Chart” button
5. Once this is created, click on the “By Enroller” link that just appeared.
6. The first line that appears represents all the people who you personally introduced to the business. Starting with members who’s start date is on or after Nov 28, 2008, count how many Platinum, Titanium and Gold members have joined your organization in your first line.
7. Now, when you check next time, you only need to click on the “By Enroller” link (steps 5 and onwards)

How to Submit for Your Award
Email your list of names and IDs of your personal sponsors between Nov 28, 2008 and Feb 15, 2008 (inclusive) along with the starting volume.
If someone started as a retailer between Nov 28, 2008 and Feb 15, 2008 (inclusive) and then upgraded to a package, they also count!