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With Spanish language tours exploding in the Caribbean, USA and Europe the demand has now spread to Toronto.
As of  Thursday 7th June 2012,  Spanish language tours will commence here at GWT World Headquarters starting at 7.00pm

Capitalize on this fast expanding market TODAY… the Hispanic market is an enormous market and one that we urge you to pursue.

We are very excited to announce that GWT FAMILY now has the GWT Tour PPT in Spanish.

This Spanish tour may be found in your back office in the “Business Kit” section of your back office.

Followup with LIOR SKALER!

Did you miss my follow-up webinar last night to last week’s training on how simple the GWT business is?? If so, you missed a great one! The good news is that it was recorded luckily and you can watch it here: You will hear incredible success stories from GWT LC’s using the 1-2-3-4 Simple Duplication System and lots of tips to help you build your business. Enjoy!



POWER TOUR 2012 is coming your way

Join the Executive Team as once again they take the powerful story
of GWT around the Global Wealth Trade empire.
From Ottawa, to Montreal, to Brantford, Kitchener, Mississauga, DownTown Toronto, Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, Vancouver, Winnipeg, and the Caribbean Islands – we wil be visiting a town and City close to you.


Catch LIOR SKALER on this week’s 5/28/12 Sunday night training… and start massive growth!

How to find new prospects everywhere online…



If you haven’t had a chance to watch the new video of Ramin’s that explains the top 20 reasons why GWT is the Best of the Best, I want to summarize it for you in bullet points. Of course, as soon as you  have time, I urge you to listen to, and watch Ramin explain in full detail. Here is the link

Top 20 Reasons Why GWT is the Best of the Best

  • #20: Binary System – it is the best of all kinds of compensation plans
  • #19: World’s First Free-Flowing Variable binary system
  • #18: No Ranks, No Qualifications, No Re-Qualifications -All LC’s maximize the full compensation from day one
  • #17: Highest Payout at 60%
  • #16: True Bonuses – No Re-Qualifications
  • #15: True Incentives – Qualify once, No Re-Qualification
  • #14: Not a “Need” Product, but a “Want” Product. example: People don’t need cigarettes, but they want them, even though it may kill them
  • #13: No Autoship
  • #12: IA (Inventory Account) – LC’s can decide what they want and when they want to purchase their item, like a layaway plan
  • #11: Value vs Gratification – GWT Products offer lasting value
  • #10: Safe Business – GWT Products will last generations and will be worth more money, – not consumable
  • #9: Reliable Product Lines – example: nutrition businesses typically last only 3-5 years before something else overtakes them, or telecom businesses last about 6 months before new products are released. LC’s never have to worry about “new Gold” or “new Silver” etc.
  • #8: Visual Product and Self-Promoting
  • #7: A Business to be very proud of! Even other industry companies use our kind of products as bonuses!!
  • #6: E/D Ratio (Earnings/Distributor) – Telecom average is $0.35/D, Nutrition is $1.00/D, GWT is 8-10 times better. (DSA averages)
  • #5: CDSE and Forensic Training – GWT teaches people how to be business people
  • #4: Pre-Approved Worldwide
  • #3: Working With the Best – FERI has been recognized by many magazines, has been on the red carpets, is worn by Hollywood stars, many more featured on GWT website
  • #2: Three Ways to Participate: A) Retailer – can sell products from the website with no need to build teams; B) Home Branding Parties – can do unlimited home parties and comes with complete packages and training; C) Residual – can build very large teams and maximize huge potential
  • #1: No Competition!! – 96% of all networking industry businesses are in telecom, nutrition, and home products. GWT is the only Luxury Designer House in Direct Sales.

That is Why 🙂

Sincerely, Best of Regards,
~Bob Francis~ from the Alberta team

Highlights – May 24 Toronto Boot Camp

Today was a sensational day of training… The presenters outdid themselves. We laughed and learned while we learned awesome new ways to tweak our business… If you weren’t there… why not?

We’re excited!  For those of us with 1st and 2nd Generation team members that have been earning commissions,  our quarterly BDB payments will be processed this evening for payout next week.  The members’ names will be announced on tonight’s  Sunday evening training call at 9 pm… be there!

Watch for Jenett’s and Annely’s GWT at Home boot camp training… our outstanding upline Home Show Queens’ training is coming to!

Payment options – Retail Orders, Home Parties & Trade Shows

Use the following options until the new GWT website payment options come online to:

1 – receive payment directly from your customers so you may order from your IA account points in your back office (eliminating the 45 day wait for retail profit!)
2 – allow customers without credit cards to purchase directly from your website
3 – provide discounts for your clients by ordering through your back office

To do these above functions, set up a free PayPal account linked to your bank account. This is completely secure for both you and your clients so they can  deposit money into your account either from their own bank account or their credit card.  Having their payment in hand, you can process their order immediately, keeping  back the retail profit and paying yourself back or your credit card the remaining member price amount.  There is a small feee associated with PayPal transactions which you expense at tax time..

For Canadian clients or members wishing to sign up, wanting to place orders or to pay their monthly SAC into their Inventory Account,

Canada Post now has a front loading DEBIT CARD.

When loading it, there is an upper limit of $500 per load increment, with a small fee of $3 for each $500 loaded. There is no transaction fee when the card is used for purchases. The deposit is loaded on in real time for use immediately.  This gives your clients the credit card functionality of paying you via PayPal for the order you place at your member price from your IA account or from your retail galleries on the GWT website.

For those members or clients using a regular BMO Mosaik MC, your deposit onto it will also happen in real time when you specify it. Upload cash onto the credit card IN A BRANCH in person; call your branch to verify if it works in real time after 3 on Fridays and on Saturdays.  As above, you or they may use this credit card to pay your SAC/IA or order from Promo or Product Dept or for clients again to order from you directly so you can order through your back office and IA account.  We regularly hear of members having issues with deposits to front loading debit cards, waiting for  a couple of days lag time before the money is available for use.

NEWS FLASH! Important updates on Renewals

Sanaz reminded us to safeguard our businesses! Keep active status by re-investing into your Investment Account monthly so as to both retain and be paid out on your accumulating GROUP SALES VOLUME. Otherwise, by failing to do so, your points will flush after your SAC/IA date!

In addition, anyone with points in their Inventory Account that fails to renew will find that the the software will automatically convert their member points to retail value. Refer to Policies and Procedures…

At our 2012 Convention, Ramin announced that from March onward, all GWT Retailer or Package Members, after paying $194 CDN + appropriate local tax upon renewal on their anniversary date will receive 25 Look Books… however, since each package of 25 Look Books weighs 14 pounds, he realized this would be prohibitively expensive to ship them worldwide! Instead, he has very generously decided that this year, each of us will automatically receive a letter on our renewal date with an envelope containing an upgrade package with all the latest versions of the tools… and a Look Book, Mag Pack and Gift Certificate… whether we renew or not. Another awesome gift from our CEO!!


Sanaz reiterated the new flat rate shipping charges during today’s training. Providing your promo and product orders are placed at the same time, on the same invoice, they will be merged into one order and packed in one box, and charged these amounts:

$35 + HST in Canada (lucky GTA members can still pick up at head office for free)
We will soon have a separate site for both product orders and promo materials to relieve congestion at head office… info to follow.

$45 anywhere in the USA

$110 for International – GWT is absorbing the cost that is in excess of that amount.

Remember that GWT is not able to ship to P.O. boxes because your orders require a signature before being released to you.

Be sure to notify any of your members that are out of the loop of all these notifications…. and double check to ensure that all your team members have registered on the website… as of yesterday!!

Don’t miss the next Boot Camp in Toronto on June 23rd!
The next Boot Camp in Montreal is June 9th!

Be sure to mark the above dates on your calendar if you live anywhere near Toronto and Montreal and get your team members all there with you!


Calling Alberta and British Columbia special guest visit from Taiwan!


GWT British Columbia (Vancouver) Tour with Ambassador and Top Earner Rene Liaw

When: Tuesday, May 29, 7:00pm-9:00pm (6:30pm registration)
Where: Sheraton Four Points Hotel Vancouver Airport 8368 Alexandra Rd, Richmond, BC V6X4A6 (map)
GWT Alberta (Calgary) Tour with Ambassador and Top Earner Rene Liaw
When: Wednesday, May 30, 7:00pm-9:00pm (6:30pm registration)
Where: Echo Room, Holiday Inn NE (1250 McKinnon Drive NE), Calgary (map)
Description: For our Calgary Tour, we are booked on May 30th at the Holiday Inn NE (1250 McKinnon Drive NE) Registration will start at 6:30pm and we will be in the Echo Room.
Pick the Mind of a Leader

GWT Alberta (Edmonton) Tour with Ambassador and Top Earner Rene Liaw

When: Thursday, May 31, 7:00pm – 9:00pm (6:30pm registration)
Where: CHOP Steakhouse Banquet Event, located in the SANDMAN HOTEL 10111 Ellerslie Road SW (map)

GWT Alberta (Red Deer) Tour with Ambassador and Top Earner Rene Liaw

When: Friday, June 1, 7:00pm – 9:00pm (6:30pm registration)
Where: Red Deer Lodge Hotel and Conference Centre‎ 4311 49 Avenue Red Deer, AB T4N 5Y7 (403) 357-6306 (map)


GWT Alberta Bootcamp (Sylvan Lake) with Ambassador and Top Earner Rene Liaw

When: Saturday, June 2, 9:00am – 5:00pm
Where: Pier 7 5227 Lakeshore Drive, Sylvan Lake, AB T4S 1Y8 (403) 887-0077 ‎ · (map)
To register please send your name, phone number, and email to

2012 Amazing Power Tour with Ramin and David

In 2011 Ramin and David went around the GWT world on an amazing Power Tour.  It was an incredible success with packed rooms, incredible sign ups and increased incomes for all concerned.

These events were amazingly successful, so they are repeating the program again this late spring and summer 2012 and we want you all to be a part of it.  So start strategizing… talk to your local Diplomats and Ambassadors.   SEE WHAT’S POSSIBLE!!!

Where do you want David and Ramin to go?   Where is the activity? Where are you building?  It is our call.

We will let you know the finalized locations as the Diplomats and Ambassadors get them organized.

Then once you get the go ahead from us, make your lists, get your people in those locations plugged in via phone, webinars, social media and skype;  show the tour to everyone you can think of in the targeted areas… get them on board asap so they can start building and inviting their own guests to these very exciting events.

The only qualification is that we need to fill a room with a minimum of 50 people.  Can you contribute to that?   Mobilize your teams with the help of your upline Diplomats and Ambassadors.

Call and email us  in which cities you are wanting events and the day of the week for  local tours and once we have the schedule, we will all ramp up our activities to get the numbers up so  that David Hooker and Ramin Mesgarlou be there.

You cannot afford to miss out on this amazing opportunity – talk to your upline Diplomats and Ambassadors and communicate your goals.

PHASE II is going to explode your income – do not miss the boat!



Recorded Webinars and more…

Hi GWT Family,

Have you seen the list of recorded webinars? If not, please go here.

If you haven’t already registered on this group, please request access and we will approve it. You will also find many other useful documents such as the “Questions and Answers” section.

The company will be releasing additional recorded webinars shortly.

Have a wonderful day! Stay Forensic!

Best regards,

Rene Liaw