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How to Bring Tons of Guests to the Huge March 1st Convention Tour

How many people will you be bringing to the biggest tour of the year? Everyone in the company should be there, to see FERI set the world on fire!

Thursday March 1st at the Sheraton Parkway Hotel at 7:30pm

The world will be there with GWT executives and leaders from around the world!

Ambassadors Maria Ghaderi and Sean Haynes put together a short video that shares with you as a luxury consultant all the exciting things going on that you can share, as well as a script for the

Watch the video to hear the script in action, and see all the excitement,

And follow along and then copy the main points from Maria’s dynamic script here:

Canada’s Fastest Growing Designer Fashion House:
– has already expanded to over 60 countries internationally
– Been featured in TIFF the past two years,
– Awarded Designer Of The Year 2011,
– Is on the cover of magazines like the Canadian and US Business Journals, Canadian Jeweller’s Magazine, Viva, and Preferred Magazine
– Is known as one of the Hottest Luxury brands on Red Carpets and fashion shows for Hollywood celebrities along with Cartier, Rolex and others
Feri Designer Fashion House is Celebrating its 8th anniversary on March 1st, 2012 –
We are holding an exclusive invitation-only Tour event on Thursday March 1st at 7pm, introducing the brand and product lines, the history and vision of the company to people in Toronto. This is the largest event of the year and many travel from around the world to be part of this event.

You are invited as our special guests for this important night. There will be surprises, celebrities, gifts and prizes given away including a $4000 Designer Time Piece, and every single guest will receive a $200 gift certificate for attending the event as part of the branding campaign. You will also have an opportunity to learn about the perks and benefits of being part of history in the making, being a luxury consultant, and being part of the expansion of the company. Imagine if you could be part of the history of Chanel or Gucci when they were still seven years old..

Again this is the biggest event of the year… Happening only once a year and you can be there only by private invite…We need to reserve your seat. As the seats are limited and we don’t want you to miss this one time event…

Grab a hold of the excitement from these two leaders, and take it to your contacts! The time is now!

More FERI Mentions on Valentine’s Day!

After the FERI Sweet Heart was a huge hit on The View yesterday, we’ve got two more media mentions to share with you as well!

P3R mentioned both The View, and also in New York Newsday this FERI Love’s Sweet Embrace pendant was mentioned in their Valentine’s shopping for your sweetheart section!

FERI should be everywhere in this season of love, and everyone is loving FERI for Her in 925 silver and onyx!

FERI Sweet Heart on The View for Valentine’s Day!

FERI is hitting the mainstream in the USA in a big way, by getting featured on Tuesday February 14th, 2012 on the hit ABC show The View on their Valentine’s Day show. Broadcast live at 11am ET, and available soon after for online viewing on the ABC website, we are so excited see our products on network television and around the world!

Tune in, and share this amazing news with your current and future customers.

Click on the image of this beautiful pendant to order yours today!

UPDATE: Here’s the clip of them mentioning FERI and the standing ovation from the audience!

Congratulations Movers and Shakers from January!

What an exciting new format for the Night of the Stars! Now you’ll be hearing from the Top Earners Quarterly so we have more time to focus on the up and coming people who are making things happen! Get yourself on this list and get the recognition you deserve, and the chance to be recognized and interviewed by Ambassadors on this powerful monthly call!

From the OurGWT team, congratulations to these individuals who are not just continuing to personally sponsor, but they’re helping their people do the same and really building GWT in their area!

Sidney Shreves continues to lead by example in Quebec,

Wilson Miao for working hard with Rene and the fast growing team in Taipei, Taiwan,

Lisa Callahan for showing the way in Orlando with her new team and existing members alike,

Ambassador Maria Ghaderi who is not only doing everything she can to get her team ready for Convention, she’s also expanding her own business with personal sponsorship in other provinces and the USA!

Congratulations our uplines

Jenett Beaver recognizing an amazing lady in Mhay Tuazon

and Annely Riga who was recognized this month for showing everyone how to Stay Forensic

We’d also like to send out congratulations to MIM members Shang Wong, Antonine Salomon, Reginald Alexandre and Ciza Gomes & Robert Elsinga from Sint Maarten.

Next month the competition will be fierce as everyone takes advantage of the major momentum leading up to convention and the huge convention tour on Thursday March 1st! Build your team now so they can use it too – especially those of you coming in from out of province or country!

Global Wealth Trade Feeding the Hungry with The African Future Project

You should know by now that GWT CEO Ramin Mesgarlou has a huge heart, but here is an announcement that puts his money to help other hungry mouths affected by the serious drought in East Africa – specifically Somalia.

GWT sponsored a truck in the African Future project that feeds 6,000 people out of the millions suffering from the worst drought in 60 years and because of GWT’s success they will be able to have access to food and water.

Ramin’s Forensic Mindset mission is:

Want more-Become more- Collect more and Give more
Well done GWT community, you are making a difference.

Which LCs Are Building Toward Convention? You Can Too!

Convention is less than a month away, and the excitement is building! As always, its a can’t miss event between Forensic,  Training,  New Releases,  the Gala,  and the Fashion Show will be unbelievable this year!

One of the most exciting events is the huge tour that kicks off Convention weekend, this year on Thursday March 1st. How big will that be for your business? Build your team NOW so that everyone can bring guests and more of your new members can be there to take full advantage of the most electric tour of the year,  where you have the full corporate team and top earners,  Ambassadors,  Diplomats and leaders from all over the world in attendance! Get your new people started so they can use this to explode their business.

Of course many of you already know that, so I wanted to recognize some of the people making things happen in the last month (Jan 6-Feb 8)!

Some people started off their first new LC in the past month!

  • Law Chi Sai,  Hong Kong SAR,  China, 1st LC!
  • Charles Hall,  Richmond Hill,  ON – 1st LC!
  • Mike Bedolfe,  North York,  ON – 1st LC after just joining in January!
  • Carolyn Knight,  Ballinafad,  ON 1st LC!
  • Shateya Fraser,  Toronto,  ON 1st!
  • Rashida Powankumar,  Scarborough,  ON – 1st
  • Antonette Powankumar for her first two 2nd generation!
  • Ronald Darguste,  Laval,  PQ – 1st!
  • Cindy Quan,  Toronto,  ON – 1st!
  • Jenny Quan,  Toronto,  ON – one 1st, and her first 2nd gen!

Others have their team going new places!

  • Richard Horning,  Burlington,  ON – to the UK!
  • Charles Andrade,  Toronto,  ON – expanding to Quebec!
  • Wilson Miao,  Taipei,  Taiwan – back in Taiwan and going strong with Rene!

Many more are taking advantage of all the excitement in the business to grow their teams and deserve some recognition:

  • Freeman Cheng Chin Hua,  Taipei,  Taiwan – 2 first generation and taking full advantage of the new office!
  •  Richie Eslawa,  Mississauga,  ON – excited and back!
  •  Patti Baker,  Palgrave,  ON
  •  Bella Designs,  San Jose,  CA
  •  John Edwards,  North York,  ON
  •  Kevin Ko,  Etobicoke,  ON
  •  Lu Moi-Chuo,  Richmond Hill,  ON
  •  Eve Lamoureux,  Montreal,  PQ
  •  Elvie Duldulao,  Toronto,  ON
  •  Peter Coyne,  Vaughan,  ON
  •  Karim Mirshahi,  Thornhill,  ON
  •  Caroline Duncil-Hatch,  Debary,  FL – new 1st and 2nd gen LCs

And here’s a few of our current or soon to be Diplomats and Ambassadors that continue to set the pace for everyone as they shoot for the next level!

  • Lesley Carew,  White Rock,  BC – should be a new Diplomat and more very soon!
  • Omid Badie,  Thornhill,  ON – new Diplomat!
  • Lior Naor,  Richmond Hill,  ON – new Diplomat!
  • Sidney Shreves,  Laval,  PQ,  three 1st gen,  adding to his 3rd gen as well!
  • Maria Ghaderi,  Richmond Hill,  ON – new Ambassador and continues to grow her team, personally enrolling new LCs in Montreal and New York, while her 2nd generation grows too!
  • Gabriel Collaco,  Mississauga,  ON – added to his 1st, 2nd and 3rd generations! True duplication!
  • Lisa Callahan,  Orlando,  FL – 3 more 1st generation, and looking to be one of the very first USA Diplomats!

What are you and your team doing to get ready for Convention and take advantage of all this excitement? Do everything you need to do to put yourself in the best position for success, and shoot for the next level in the Corps Diplomatique!


Making Prospecting Fun with the Online Tour [Video]

Did you miss newly named Ambassador Maria Ghaderi’s dynamic training from Sunday night? Maria shares her experience on making talking to people about GWT fun, effective and rewarding using the Online Tour as an amazing tool to connect to prospects all over the world! Watch it here:

Now get out there and book some online tours to get your business jumping as we head down the home stretch to Convention! Will you be the next Diplomat or Ambassador and start qualifying for all the amazing benefits?

Club Diplomatique – Yours To Achieve! [Video]


a href=””img class=”alignnone” title=”Club Diplomatique” src=”” alt=”” width=”560″ height=”686″ //a

Did you catch tonight’s webinar taking you through the full Club Diplomatique Program with all the rewards and incentives that you can qualify for? The program is more exciting than ever!

Contact corporate as soon as you are ready to qualify so they can reward you in front of your GWT peers! I’m excited to hear about all the new Diplomats who are embarking on the 90 day challenge, and what better time than now leading up to convention!

Watch the video now so VP David Hooker can take you through every exciting detail and you can hear how many are already qualified and qualifying every week!