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Rene Liaw

2011 International Top Income Earner
2010 Top Shareholder Award
2009 Leadership Award & #2 Earner
2008 Top Organization
2008 Top Income Earner
2007 President’s Cup Winner

Rene Liaw studied at the University of Toronto downtown campus and graduated with bachelors of science in Software Engineering.  He was 27 years old when he first took a look at GWT and it was his sister Monica, who introduced to him to GWT.  At first not interested in jewelry, and a bit skeptically, he was hesitant to attend an information session but because it was his sister, he decided to go and look on behalf of his sister.

Working for TELUS as a Senior Programmer for 5 years, Rene was looking for a source of residual income after reading the Robert Kyosaki book Rich Dad Poor Dad and many other financial books alike.  Rene was single at the time, looking for change, and so he joined GWT and decided to put some part time hours into the business.  In the first month, he earned over $5,000 and his excitement grew more and more.  Being consistent and excited, within his first 6 months earned his first $10,000 a month earning, and within his first 10 months, earned $20,000.  After 14 months in the business, he left his job at TELUS and has never worked a job in his life since then.

Now at the age of 31, Rene was able to upgrade his Toyota Corolla, to a Honda Accord Sport Coupe, to a Lexus IS250AWD Luxury Navigation package.  He’s also since then moved out from his parents home, bought himself a $600,000 home in Richmond Hill, invested in many real estates all over including Toronto, Hamilton, and Edmonton.  He’s now married to his wife Heidi.  He gave his a wife a $30,000 FERI MOSH ring, appraised for $47,500 in 2009… and she said yes.  They now have 2 boys and have moved to Taiwan where Heidi was originally born, to be with Heidi’s family, as well as to let their two boys learn Chinese, and also to allow Rene to expand his business into the Asian market.  Rene has also given his wife her dream which was to open nail stores in Taiwan.  Their sons are also attending the best private schools and they recently bought themselves a $800,000 condo in Taiwan.  Rene’s team has grown from a few people, personally sponsoring over 60, to over 4500 people now and is consistently earning $25,000-$30,000 a month.

Rene’s life has completely changed thanks to GWT and he’s on a mission to help as many other people change their lives through GWT and help others achieve their dreams.




Rene Liaw

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Nov 7, 2013 — Received the National Ambassador Recognition


Nov 7, 2013 Team Moment



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