The Billion Dollar Plan – September 21 Live Conference!

September 21st is a must! You will:
– See the showroom and head office
– Meet and get trained by MLM legend CEO/Founder Ramin Mesgarlou
– Meet Sanaz Hooman and rest of corp team
– Meet all the top earners from around the world
– Eat really good food at the restaurants we’ll take you to
– Party like rock stars
– Learn about all the new announcements and get trained on how to promote them
– Be able to see all of our products and pick them up right at the office
– Your belief and confidence in this company will skyrocket after that weekend
– You will have great stories to bring back to your city and future prospects

All of that for $25 plus gas and food?? Insane. Start planning the
trip now and let’s get as many of you here as possible including new
LC’s that will be joining until then.